(Indian Head Massage)

Relax, Restore, Rejuvenate

An Ayurvedic treatment dating back over 4,000 years Champissage has it’s origins in India where it is still widely practiced today. Warm oil and spices massaged into the scalp and the lengths of the hair providing nourishment and relaxation. A form of relaxation massage where the fingers, palm and whole hand is used to massage the scalp, face, neck and shoulders…places in the body where most tend to hold a lot of stress!
Through specific techniques Champissage increases circulation, stimulates nerve endings and hair follicles and calms muscular tension.  There is nothing quite like a great scalp massage to reduce stress and tension, relieve the pain of headaches and upper neck pain, rejuvenate hair and give us a great night’s sleep!

Massage friction technique using sesame oil

Champissage is something your whole family can benefit from and this workshop is geared towards that! Bring your partner, friend or a family member and through the evening learn to give AND receive a fabulous scalp massage. For this evening session we won’t be using oils but we will discuss them. 

It is ideal if you can come to this workshop with your hair clean and free of sprays and fixatives and perhaps without makeup so that it won’t be smeared. Everything else will be provided including a demonstration of techniques and exchanging with another participant in a space with quiet music and peaceful surrounds and information about different oils and scents that can be added.

Nourished, Healthy, Strong Hair

Join me on Saturday, November 2, 2013
3:00 to 5:00
Cost $40.00
(plus gst, includes handouts)
Your paid registration must be received by Oct. 267th

To register and for more information about the workshop and/or Champissage sessions offered please email


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