Oh well…that’s just how I am!


I’ve always been that way


I’ve learned to live with it that way

Uh oh!  Change?   No, I can’t/won’t/don’t want to!
a constant companion in life
one thing we can absolutely rely on to happen

I’m often amazed with how many clients don’t notice anymore, the pain or stress held in their bodies. Usually because it’s been there for so long that they’ve come to accept it as part of the way they have to live. Pain, stress or dis-ease in the body or the mind are NOT our natural state…a vibrant well-being is. BUT, is it in our best interests to seek that state of well-being?

To take notice of and make a change in our physical or emotional being takes us out of our comfort zone and we often, through fear, expend vast amounts of futile energy avoiding that. It requires that we let go of the familiar, move out of the stagnant waters and…adapt to something new. We all seek pleasure rather than pain and will avoid change because, let’s be honest, it’s often uncomfortable, overwhelming and really, quite inconvenient at times.  As a natural health/holistic practitioner I will often observe how a client’s body is hanging on to stress and emotion through the physical pain they are experiencing. What I’ve found interesting is when clients stop sessions as they are starting to experience the positive changes in their lives…sometimes it’s just too distressing for them to let go of the comfort zone. When giving a massage it’s interesting to feel the muscles open up and release under my hand as a client talks about their stress. It seems in the sharing of what is upsetting them their body releases its restriction and pain. They don’t necessarily have to talk; sometimes that release comes through some deep and heavy sighs. Some people are ready for that step, to release the stress and the pain and move forward into the change that brings into their lives.

So what if we approached change with a completely different attitude? Knowing that it’s inevitable, what would happen if we took hold and steered that ship of change rather than letting it steer us? Do you think that’s possible?

As humans we experience growth and development through change (we watch our children do it every day). Life constantly presents us with new opportunities, opens doors to new possibilities and experiences. We may not be able to see the positive side of the new opportunity but regardless, the door is going to be opened to us and, whether willingly or kicking and screaming, we will have to walk or be dragged through it. Perhaps embracing and relaxing into the experience would be easier. Yes, that does require trust that the change is going to be for the better and at times also requires of us a HUGE leap of faith.

Through relaxation techniques such as Meditation, Reiki, Craniosacral therapy, Relaxation Massage, etc. the body and mind are offered an opportunity to fully relax. The mind is given the chance to quiet itself, stop weighing the pros and cons of the changes coming (or that have recently transpired) and be totally present in the NOW.  It’s in that relaxed and quiet space that our energy isn’t scattered over time or thoughts, and we are able to embrace life, as it is presenting itself to us that day. We can often move above the fear and self-doubt that keeps us stuck and resigned in our current situation and reach into that courageous place that we all have deep within us. Taking that relaxed space for our mind can sometimes allow us a peek into the positive gift an upcoming change is presenting us with. It may give us the chance to connect with our Spirit and allow us to accept guidance in accepting change. As the mind is relaxing our body is often letting go of tension, stress and pain…double bonus!

I often find that Spring in itself brings a sense of renewal, rebirth and new possibilities … that is why for the Month of March health session (see previous post) I have invited clients (old and new) to try something different…experience a health session they haven’t experienced before…take a chance on NOT having your “usual” session and open the door to what something else may provide you with.  A safe gentle step into change that just may open other doors. When you walk in  and experience your session I invite you to close the door on the mind chatter and demands you’re experiencing in the “outside” world (just for a while).  I encourage you to allow some of your senses to switch gear… dimmed lights and candles instead of glaring fluorescents, quiet music instead of chatter, a peaceful and unobtrusive atmosphere… I might even tempt you to lie down, put your feet up and be calm and quiet for a little while… Go ahead….take the leap!



Change alone is eternal, perpetual, immortal  ~Arthur Shopenhauer

How does change affect YOU?
Do you have tips and ideas to share on ways that you embrace change? What works for you?


6 thoughts on “Oh well…that’s just how I am!

  1. Great post and awesome picture! Where is that rock statue? Personally, I like to do daily affirmations. Staying positive prevents me from stressing out.

    Check out my post on how to reduce work stress and improve your supervisor relationship. http://getphyt.org/2012/03/03/horrible-bosses/

    I’d love to hear what you think about the post and the blog!

    getPHYT, Exercise Your Mind

  2. Your post and blog are really inspiring…I’m going to share them with a colleague who works specifically with pre-teens.

    Daily affirmations are such a good way to embrace change…they get the message into all aspects of our being in such a positive way.

    I will ask my neice about the pic, she sent it to me.

    • Thank you! I really appreciate that! By mixing public health with pop culture, we hope to raise awareness among youth and teens. Nowadays, blogs are very popular among the youth. They read them to learn about celebrity gossip, fashion, art, and music. So, my friend and I figured that the best way to reach out to the youth would be through a blog. We want getPHYT to be both entertaining and informative. I hope that after a teen reads my post they think, “Wow, I didn’t know that. That’s actually interesting.” And then maybe, just maybe, they’ll talk to their friends about it: “Did you know that _____?” We want teens to getPHYT and Exercise their Mind.

      Thank you again for your support!

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