Abdominal Massage

April’s Health Session Special……Abdominal Massage…..receive it and/or learn how to do it!

Abdominal/Tummy Massage can help to:

  • reduce gastric upsets and pain
  • relieve constipation
  • promote good digestion
  • ease colic
  •  break down scar tissue from surgery
  • help the uterus to unwind from menstrual cramping
  • ease headaches
  • soothe the nerves
  • become a “positive touch” way to embrace another aspect of yourself

Whatever your reason this gentle, soothing massage technique feels good.

For April’s Health Session Special you can:

  • Add an Abdominal Massage to any other session you are booking in for ($10 additional cost)
  • Have only an Abdominal Massage ($15)
  • Learn the techniques to give yourself Abdominal Massage so that when your stomach is upset or your nerves need soothing you have the tools you need ($15)
  • OR receive an Abdominal Massage and learn how to give it to yourself (and others) ($20)

Add or book your Tummy Massage session between April 1 & 30, 2012.
our session must be booked and received between those dates.
Sorry Gift Certificates are not available nor can they be used towards monthly health session specials.


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