Healthy Alignments

Spinal Touch Therapy

A soft tissue, non-manipulative, non-force, mechanical form of holistic therapy

that assesses a person’s posture to determine if there is any distortion occurring and then corrects this using a very gentle treatment.

The treatment is based on the premise that the sacrum (the “sacred bone”) is the balance point of the body, our vulnerable centre of gravity. Centre point of our skeleton’s structure the sacrum supports both the pelvis and the spine and the 8 major muscles that attach to it and in turn attach to all other points in the body…it’s all connected!



When in its natural and normal alignment our amazing human body runs like that of a well tuned car.

  • We are designed to maintain good health under a state of constant gravitational pull.
  • We enjoy movement without pain,
  • optimal function in all of our organs,
  • energy, vitality and
  • the innate sense of well-being that is our natural state.
  • Our parts and organs naturally interact not only with each other but also with the Earth’s gravity pull.

In your mind’s eye form a picture of your car….what if we took our regular passenger vehicle over rough and rocky terrain for long periods of time, driving it fast and hard, with little regard to its need for fuel, water and oil and even less regard to its frame works and supports as it bumped and dipped over rocks and dirt. After parking it overnight we continued to do the same drive again day after day, with little to no maintenance other than to give it some fuel so we can keep going. In addition to the bumps, scrapes and dents on the surface, the car’s engine would begin to break down, loud noises in the engine, trouble getting started, rolling with a shimmy, becoming continuously worse until…it will no longer run at all.

You might say we pushed that car beyond its limits, beyond its ability to adapt to the terrain and conditions under which we expected it to function…basically we drove it into the ground.

And so….if you take this image of a car and replace it with your body and take a look at the stresses and strains your being is overloaded with, on both mental and physical levels, day after day…it might make you pause a moment. Our bodies can take a pretty heavy load when in optimum condition and continuously adapt to keep up with our demands. But over time that heavy load changes our body’s normal centre of gravity, the sacrum. We lose the proper balance between the parts of our body and gravity, experiencing distortion in our posture and our body, through adaptation, begins to compensate.  The head and shoulders slump and roll forward and the rib cage and diaphragm sink crowding the heart, lungs and digestive organs. As we continue to overload ourselves that posture puts increasingly greater pressure on our internal organs, bones and muscles creating problems with headaches, back pain, heart and lung problems, poor digestion, dizziness, fluid retention,etc. Eventually our body is unable to continue adapting and so pushed beyond its elastic limits we experience pain, distortion, fatigue, illness and eventually death.

Rather than this:
You really want to experience this:

As a Spinal Touch Specialist my focus is to help you to gain good posture through a gentle technique, and in that realize positive health changes in your whole body.

History of Spinal Touch

Spinal Touch Treatment is the original work of Dr. John Hurley, DC and Dr. Helen Sanders, DC.  John Hurley was a mechanical and structural engineer. His work involved paying attention to balance and stress and how critical they are in the sound structure of buildings, bridges, etc. He became intrigued with the idea that the same principles of balance and stress would apply to a living structure – the human body and that there is a correlation between stress and the lack of balance in the body and the high incidence of disease. If the human body is balanced and the physical stresses reduced, then disease and illness could also be reduced.

Wanting to learn more about the human body, and how to balance it; he applied to Chiropractic College. Originally called Aquarian Age Healing, through research he discovered that this light touch technique appeared to engage with the body’s energy systems and promote a flow of energy through the muscles, bones and joints. Through research Hurley discovered that the lighter the touch the more powerful the results and that through addressing the body as a unified (holistic) structure this technique was a powerful way to obtain and preserve good health. Together with fellow chiropractor, Helen Sanders they developed a technique using engineering principles, laws of leverage, physiology, and acupuncture meridians.

The Spinal Touch Session
Assessment, the session, what to expect, how often…next post!


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