Spinal Touch Session…step by step

Spinal Touch Therapy

What to expect during a session & after

Spinal Touch Therapy is a gentle, non manipulative, holistic treatment with the objective of assisting clients to achieve perfect mechanical balance of the body through relaxation of the muscles and rejuvenating the body’s energy field. Most clients quickly feel an almost immediate change in their posture and a lessening of pain as their muscles relax and circulation improves. It’s key to note that it is muscles that move bones and not the other way around….tight restricted muscles pull bones out of alignment, relaxed muscles don’t.

The Assessment

Each Spinal Touch session begins and ends with assessment using a plumbline. Dressed in underwear and with a towel to cover the front I ask clients to stand on a special foot board. The plumbline behind the board is pulled straight by gravity and looking at it next to the spine I check for any distortions.

Are their places where the spine moves to the left or right of the plumbline, are the ears, shoulders and hips even, is there any forward or backward rotation at the hips or shoulders… From a side view I check to see if the ankle, mid-knee, mid-hip, mid-shoulder and mid-ear are in line and if not, are they pulling forwards or backwards in relation to the plumbline.

This assessment allows me to see any distortions in the body’s posture and is a guide to which direction the sacrum needs to move in order to correct the posture. I make marks on the body that indicate where the body is out of alignment with the plumbline (its drift) and also mark contact points, which I will quickly check, while you’re still standing, to ensure I’m following the correct course of adjustment.

The Treatment

Positioned on the massage table, face down and with a supportive pillow beneath your hips and ankles I begin with a light touch of my thumb on a contact point. The contact points are along the gluteal line where the thigh and buttock meet. Through directing the soft tissue at these points the sacrum and pelvis are influenced to move into normal alignment.

The contact point is held throughout the session and a precise, light touch or “rub out” technique is applied in a specific pattern around the sacrum, along the spine, the shoulders, on the abdomen and where the muscles meet the back of the skull. This affects muscular insertions, reflex points and acupuncture meridians, and encourages the release of any tension and pain. The treatment takes 15 to 20 minutes


This is the fascinating part of the session where clients return to the footboard and are re-assessed with the plumbline. Comparing the marks on the body to the initial assessment there are measurable results from the treatment that can be seen and more importantly….felt!

The Next Session

Often we have held a distortion in the body for a period of time and our muscles hold onto the memory of that. They will encourage your body to move back to that distorted posture. I highly recommend to clients that they book 3 sessions – 2 days in a row, miss a day and then have the 3rd session. This reinforces the postural changes with the body and encourages the muscles to hold in their memory, the properly aligned posture.

What may also happen is that as the body re-aligns itself the healing goes deeper and old injuries may resurface, soon to be resolved through good posture.

While every “body” is different and has been under distortion for different periods of time, I often find that these 3 sessions are all a client needs until they experience a fall, slip or some other strain or stress load to their mind or body…and they often  notice right away when they’ve become misaligned again. For some a follow-up happens a month later for others 6 months for others over a year. As individual as we all are I mention the 3 sessions as a guide only…your body will heal in it’s own unique and individual way…some take a few more sessions.

Clients swear by this treatment and its positive effects on their body. I am always encouraged by the results!

What you may experience during the session:

This really will vary from person to person…some experience a sensation of warmth flowing up or down the body, tingling or the sensation of an electrical pulse. Many find a space of deep relaxation where they are on the point of falling asleep.

What you may experience after a session:

You may experience tingling sensations or mild shifts of pain as the muscles, bones and joints are realigning themselves.

Because your posture may have been lifted up off of your heart, lungs, digestive and other organs you will likely notice improved circulation, better breathing and perhaps some flu-like symptoms as your organs cleanse themselves, now that they have the space they need to do so.

What to do after a session:

Rest! Especially after the first session. Let your body continue its healing work. Drink plenty of water to help your organs cleanse and stay hydrated. Soak in a warm bath with Epsom salts to relieve any muscular pain as they shift into their optimal posture.

And then…resume your normal activities…your body is meant to move!


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