May Health Session Special

A Healthy Spinal Alignment to flow through Spring

Spinal Touch Therapy is May’s Health Session Special

Spinal Touch Therapy is a gentle, non manipulative, holistic treatment with the objective of assisting clients to achieve perfect mechanical balance of the body through relaxation of the muscles and rejuvenating the body’s energy field. Most clients quickly feel an almost immediate change in their posture and a lessening of pain as their muscles relax and circulation improves. It’s key to note that it is muscles that move bones and not the other way around….tight restricted muscles pull bones out of alignment, relaxed muscles don’t.

Book your 3 Spinal Touch initial assessment and follow-up appointments (2 days in a row, miss a day and come in the day after). Usually a cost of $45 each…Book all 3 and pay for the 3 on your first visit for $120 (plus HST)

Appts may be booked for: Tuesday Wednesday & Friday or Wednesday Thursday and Saturday
(please note that all Friday appointments and Sat. May 5  are at the Chilliwack Clinic, all other days are in Fort Langley)

IF you have already experience your initial 3 assessment and follow-up appointments and would like to book a maintenance session your May special will cost $35 (plus HST)
(you must have already completed your initial Spinal Touch 3, of 2 days in a row miss a day and come the next day to qualify for this special!)

May’s Spinal Touch Special is available for appointments booked and received between today and May 31, 2012. Gift Certificates are not available and cannot be used towards monthly health session specials, sorry, no exceptions.

To book your sessions please email Teresa at

You will be amazed at the difference!


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