The Body Beautiful…Aware and Care

                      BODY AWARENESS

Our Body is talking to us ALL the time, it’s our lifelong best friend.

The body constantly sends us messages about how it’s feeling and, through listening to and feeling what it’s telling us, we can make adjustments in what we’re doing to keep it “happy”. Increasing our awareness of our body and how its moving keeps us in touch with what needs adjusting. Everything works together…our nerves detect information about the space around us through touch, the nerves in our joints detect the positioning of body parts and those in the muscle fibres sense our movements.

With the intention of living a long and happy life with little or no pain and continuing to do all of those things we love to do it’s worthwhile to take the time to listen to what our body is saying and to fine-tune the movements we’re making .


Our Spine is one of the key structures in our body, without it we’d be like mushy beanbags on the floor, unable to stand erect and unable to move. This amazing part of us gives us protection, support and a base for our muscles and ligaments to attach to so that we have mobility.  Honouring the spine’s natural curvatures and giving it the space it needs to move is essential.



It’s important to remember that the spine is just a bony structure, that muscles move bones (not the other way around) and so keeping our spine healthy means keeping our muscles strong, stretched and flexible.




The lumbar region (lower back) bears most of the upper body’s weight and balances it on the sacrum The sacrum is attached to our hips through muscles and ligaments, which also keep our legs attached to our hips. This is why attention to the sacrum is so important.


Yoga, stretching & strengthening exercises give our muscles the support they need for us to move freely with flexibility and without pain. Besides good nutrition muscles need oxygen (yes we need to breathe…deeply) and water (the Brain is 90% water, Muscles are 75%, Bones are 22% and water protects and moisturizes our joints….it’s a key ingredient to keeping us moving!)

Maintaining good body mechanics requires keen body awareness of our posture, whether we are standing still, walking, bending, running, dancing, etc., we get the most from our body when we stay in tune with how it’s feeling.

Lower Body – standing with your feet hip distant apart, knees slightly bent, pelvis tucked gently through contracting the lower ab and making the low back long as though it’s reaching into the floor while at the same time feeling the weight of your body in all parts of your feet.
Upper Body – lifting your upper body up and out of the waist, keeping the shoulders down, the neck relaxed and gently supporting your head, which is erect and balancing an imaginary tray on top

Take a moment to breath, find this upper and lower body posture. Finding your centre from your sacrum and closing your eyes to feel this posture in your body, keeping it centred as you breath and maintaining that awareness as you move.

Taking a few minutes throughout your day, during your normal activities, to check in with your posture and how your body is feeling, will go a long way to make this a natural automatic response and keep you active for many years to come!

Therapies that create a better awareness of how your spine is doing physically include:
Spinal Touch, Massage Therapy, Craniosacral Therapy, Chiropractic sessions, etc.


Meditation, Yoga, Stretching are all ways to tune in with yourself and how your spine feels, it’s flexibility and restrictions

A Workshop this Summer – Body Awareness & Mechanics Series

I created this workshop because of questions I was receiving from dance students. They understood the mechanics of a dance step or movement but were unable to feel it in their bodies and wanted to change that.

The questions allowed me to draw my passions together as a natural health practitioner who emphasizes the importance of connecting mind, body and spirit in wellness, and as a dance teacher who shares the technique while encouraging “feeling” the dance.

The workshop focuses on increasing awareness of all the parts of your body when stationary and when in motion. It includes body awareness techniques, visualizations, movements to stretch and strengthen awareness of the body and improve how your body moves (its mechanics) as well as yoga.  Previous participants in the workshop have left with a new understanding and amazement at just how incredible the precious gift of their body is, a better awareness of their posture and ways to “get more” from their muscles.

Watch upcoming posts for this summers workshop dates!

 What do you do to keep an awareness of your body and how it’s moving? Do you listen?

If yes, what changes do you make?

If no, why not?


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