Pampering the Mother Figure

Next Sunday, a week today, Mother’s Day will be celebrated around the world

Personally, I consider Mother’s day to be for those who are mothers and for those who are motherly…those with human children and those with furry kids!

Whatever form your kids take…you deserve to be honoured in a pampering way for the love and nurturing care that you provide.

Sunday, May 13

at the Fort Langley clinic

10:00 am to 5:30 pm

Treat “Mum” to…

 A session that begins with a soothing aromatherapy, herbal foot bath
while sipping cool water or herbal tea and
enjoying a peaceful candle-lit space with relaxing music

choose from:

A relaxing, soothing massage or

a blissful foot or hand reflexology session, or

 A rejuvenating, restoring reiki balance  



AND then

 take some extra time to sit or lie quietly before getting up

AND finally,

 take home a pampering gift package of bath salts, candle, tea, organic chocolate and a beautiful flower!

4 appointments available 
$135.00 (plus HST)
(payable at time of booking)

Gift Certificates for Mother’s Day are also available for regular sessions (sorry, not for this special).
Visit for a full description of health sessions.


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