Healthy Hand Reflexology

Hand Reflexology is a holistic alternative for those that don’t really like having their feet touched
or feel they are just too ticklish to be able to stand it.

It’s also beneficial for some specific hand problems such as tight tendons from computer keyboards and texting.

Take a moment to think about how many things your hands do in a day. From the time you get up until bedtime they are often in continuous motion. Hands and fingers spend much of the day curved inwards (towards the wrist) as we type, text, stir, hold a mug, put on makeup, brush our teeth, grip the steering wheel… How often do we take time to counterstretch our hands the other way?

We also, quite naturally, through the day, will give ourselves mini-sessions. When stressed we often flex and fist our hands (stretching the muscles and tendons) or wring our hands (stimulating those nerve endings) or perhaps put our fingertips together in prayer (massaging the nerve endings for the brain)…common and natural responses where our body just knows what to do.

Similar to the Feet, the Hands have specific reflexes that relate to the parts, glands and organs of the body.  Stimulation with specific Reflexology techniques can have similar benefits to a Foot Reflexology session. As an added bonus, a Hand Reflexology session improves circulation, range of motion and lessens joint stiffness in the fingers, hands, wrists and lower arms through stretching and relaxation techniques. There are a number of organizations who have a  Reflexologist come in to the office to work with employees, especially those in the IT field. Studies have shown that work performance is enhanced and the workplace atmosphere more harmonious.

When giving a Hand Reflexology session I encourage clients to completely relax. With the Massage Table set in a reclining position, a pillow under the head, a blanket to stay warm and another pillow supporting your arm and hand.
The entire hand is treated to Reflexology techniques…fingers, hand~front and back, and wrist. To end the session each hand receives a massage from finger tip to elbow, with lotion. Quiet music plays in the background, the lighting is soft and you can close your eyes, breathe and relax.

I currently offer both Foot or Hand Reflexology sessions OR the double whammy….having both the Feet & the Hands treated for a gift of total relaxation. The health benefits of each are amazing and I encourage you to try them.

Which forms of Reflexology have you experienced?
Do you find having the Feet or the Hands equally beneficial or do you prefer one to the other?

What do you think? Comments....

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