Quiet Please…Healing in Progress

When making appointments with clients I always allow plenty of time in between so that when a session is finished the client doesn’t have to get up right away…there is still a healing process happening…let’s not rush it!

Throughout the session the music plays quietly, the table is warm, the lights are dimmed and by the end, my intention is for my client to be completely relaxed…and then, I leave the room.

So now all stimulus has been removed…loud noise, bright lights, my movements around the room and my hands working with the body…a state of peaceful relaxation is present…the kind of quiet that allows deep breathing.  I encourage my clients to lie quietly for a short while to give them the opportunity to absorb this state of peace on all levels, creating a positive memory in their being that they can refer back to when stressed…that state of peace.

The body and mind, after a session, will slowly become centred, focussed and move back into the routine of the day…let’s not rush them. Take the time to get up slowly, sip the water that is there for you, stretch and slowly come back to your awakened state. I can assure you that, while you may be going back to your hectic life, you’ll be calmer and more able to flow with the day.

Other ways to get the most from your Natural Health Sessions…

  • Try to book your session for the end of your workday or for your day off…when you don’t have to rush around but instead can rest and relax
  • Plan ahead…when you do get home have dinner made or planned, have the salts and candles by the tub and a warm robe to wrap in
  • Be sure to plan for a soak in the tub after your session especially if you are having a Massage (Deep tissue Massage is similar to giving your body a workout and the muscles can be a little tender afterwards. A soak in the tub allows the muscles to absorb moist heat, topped off with Epsom Salts…your muscles will love it!)
  • Drink extra water after your session. There is healing going on and often the body needs a little help flushing out the system, taking away any toxins that have been released…water helps that
  • Relax…that is when your body kicks in and does its own natural healing…give it the time it needs

A Plan-Ahead Meal…

Before I go for a session I have dinner read to go into the oven…so it can cook while I’m in the tub. I enjoy roasting vegetables in the Fall and Winter (or colder Spring Days) or having a hearty fresh salad on warm days. When roasting veggies I chop up any combination of onions, garlic, yams, potatoes, beets, cauliflower, carrots, tomatoes, mushrooms, … into a roasting pan, toss them with some olive or sesame oil. Into the oven they go for 30 to 45 minutes and a delicious, healthy dinner is waiting for me. Often times I’ll toss in some spinach or kale for the last 5 or 10 minutes and sometimes asparagus too.


How do you prepare for your Natural Health sessions?
Do you keep the benefits of a session continuing afterwards by pampering yourself at home?


What do you think? Comments....

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