Pampering Self Care for Hands and Feet

Recent posts have been about “good for you” Reflexology sessions, but what can you do in between appointments to care for YOU!

Your feet and hands need attention everyday. They work hard! It’s important to stretch them daily so that muscles and tendons stay limber and flexible and so that you maintain full mobility. You want to be able to touch the world around you, and as you reach out your hand, be able to do so without pain, and to walk easily upon the earth.

Here are some pampering ideas to treat your feet and hands…

  • Give them a regular soaking! Warm water relaxes muscles, soaks into them and increases circulation…add some Epsom salts and your muscles will really be humming. So before giving them a good stretching session fill a bowl or foot bath with warm water, add some Epsom salts and perhaps some rose petals or chamomile flowers. Place the bowl where you can sit comfortably and let your feet sink in (or your hands).
    15 to 20 minutes is about all they need, Finish off with a gentle towel-off (be sure to dry any moisture between the toes
  • Now is a good time to stretch them…the muscles are warmed up.
  • For your feet…you want to be able to feel the earth beneath them and have each step feel smooth. Foot files or pumice stones are great for removing dry, dead skin cells. Once you’ve filed and rinsed your feet will feel velvety smooth. Exfoliation with a food scrub is another great way to smooth the skin.
  • Now it’s time to Moisturize! Your feet and hands need to be lotioned up at least once a day. This is also a fabulous time to give yourself a good foot or hand massage. Working the lotion into the skin while relaxing and stretching the muscles, working your fingers along the toes and fingers…muscles that often get ignored, around the ankles and wrists…and all over. If your skin is really dry then lather on the lotion or petroleum jelly, put some socks on your feet and your hands and go to bed…in the morning your skin will have absorbed the moisturizer and will feel soft and smooth.

Essential Oils:

Adding aromatherapy to any of the above ideas only enhances the pampering. The feet and the hands absorb essential oils easily.

  • Tea Tree oil is great as a bacterial and anti-fungal remedy for feet and can be added to foot baths and lotions.
  • Eucalyptus added to lotions or petroleum jelly and applied to feet and hands helps to ease cold symptoms. It’s also good for sore muscles and joints.
  • Peppermint is a great oil to refresh tired and achy feet when added to lotion
  • Oils such as Rose, Lavender, Geranium, Sandalwood, Chamomile are all soothing and relaxing. Blended with a hand lotion you receive a whiff of calmness every time your hand passes by your face. A few drops in the foot/hand bath or blended with moisturizer help the entire body to relax.

Brooklyn Museum - Foot Bath - John R. Frazier ...


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