Reiki ~ the Universal Gift~

Gentle, Natural, Relaxing, Restorative

Deep-acting healing energy

With its ancient roots taking hold in Japan, Reiki is now practiced world-wide.

As we’re aware…everything is created from energy…it is within us and around us, it helps plants to grow and it permeates the molecules of the air we breathe and the water we drink.

So why, if it’s all around you, would you want to go for a Reiki session or learn how to practice Reiki?
Have you ever noticed how, when you’re stressed about something you feel a little off-balance? All your emotional energy is so focused on that which has you stressed, that you have little space in your mind for anything else…it can feel like you’re stuck, “things” are just not flowing.

The same may happen when dealing with a physical illness or injury…all of our physical energy focuses towards healing and it can often take a long time to “feel like ourselves” again.

At these times, when our energy becomes stuck, we still have access to it, but it can be feeding us like a slow dripping tap, when its natural state is more like a waterfall.

A Reiki session encourages our body and mind to draw upon the energy around us, to balance and harmonize that which is within. To get the energy tap opened up and flowing again.

A Reiki practitioner learns specific techniques and undergoes a series of attunements that seals open that energy flow, allowing them ongoing access to the waterfall, for themselves and to share with others.

I have heard some say that they fear allowing “bad energy” to enter their being. When working with the natural energy of Reiki it is sourced from a beautiful and universal space, that which nurtures and heals the earth and its inhabitants. I’m not really sure what could be thought energetically bad about that. Our bodies and our minds are also very protective of us and will filter that energy, drawing only what we need.

When providing Reiki sessions, clients responses have included
” I feel so peaceful and that feeling has lasted for days ”
“Where you placed your hands I felt such heat (cooling, tingling, …) and it felt like your hands were still there after you moved them”
“I actually don’t have any pain (nausea, anxiety,…) my headache is gone”

As a Reiki teacher and practitioner for the past 16 years I have been amazed and overjoyed in witnessing the effects of this gentle, healing energy in the lives of my clients as well as in my own life. Reiki seems to be one of those techniques that evolves with me through time, the way I work with it changes sometimes, however, the basic connection to its peacefulness remains stable and radiates through those changes.

I will be sharing a Reiki Level 1 class on July 27th 2013 and welcome you to learn basic techniques in sharing this universal energy with yourself and with others. For more information please visit the workshops page or click this link.


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