The Om Sessions

September 2012 feature session…

The Reiki’d Massage
blending the energetic and the mechanical


Clients who have experienced these sessions tell me that they find themselves reaching a state of physical and mental peace unknown from other sessions. Their muscles feel relaxed, open, light and loose while at the same time they “feel” peaceful, balanced and light…as though the rest of the world, with all of its responsibilities and stresses, has just slipped away for a while.

I love to hear that kind of response. Knowing that the body does its best healing when a person is relaxed, I am sure they are leaving with that healing energy continuing to work through them during the days ahead.

Massage creates a change of pace for the mind and the body. The muscles relax and in turn so do the ligaments and tendons, stress on joints is relieved and circulation improves in all areas, including organs.

Reiki continues this in encouraging the mind to become deeply quiet and to allow a safe place to release nervous tension and stress. In this quiet state a sense of harmony and balance can be restored.

From this peaceful physical and mental state, clients are better able to deal with the day to day tasks of life and often find the space to look at what was stressful or a problem with fresh eyes and a renewed sense of energy. They aren’t distracted, stressed or losing sleep due to tight sore muscles and busy thoughts, but instead are able to keep all of their energy for themselves, in the present moment. That, in my view, represents holistic healing doing what its meant to….addressing the mind, body and spirit…the whole person!

“The human being is a whole, integrated entity, not fragmented into independent parts” ~Vithoulkas

The Session…
Reiki’d Massage

For 1 1/2 hours ~ massage to back of legs, back, shoulders and neck followed with Reiki to the back and front of the body.
Reg price $135.00 September 2012 Special $120.00 (plus HST)

For 2 1/4 hours ~ massage to back of legs, back, shoulders, arms and hands, Reiki to the back and balancing of the Chakras. Massage to neck, upper chest, front of the legs, face and feet followed by Reiki to the front of the body with energy sweep to complete. This session includes aromatherapy and abdominal massage if you choose.
Reg Price $200.00 September 2012 Special $175.00 (plus HST)

The 3 Pack
Make that commitment to yourself to keep peace, balance and harmony throughout the Fall Months! Purchase the 3 Pack before September 30,2012 to enjoy special pricing into October and November as well!

3 x 1 1/2 hour sessions $350.00 (plus HST)
3 x 2 1/4 hour sessions $515.00 (plus HST)

(September Special prices in effect Sept 1 to 30, 2012. Your session must be booked and received between these dates except the 3 pack which expires December 31, 2012)

Hand to Health
~ naturally ~

Step into Fall with Peace, Balance & Harmony!


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