Empowering the Mind, Body, Spirit Connection


I recently came across this excerpt from an ancient Sumerian text called “The Sacred Script of the Covenant”

“Honour your body, which is your representative in this universe. Its magnificence is no accident. It is the framework through which your works must come, through which the spirit and the spirit within the spirit speaks. The flesh and the spirit are two phases of your actuality in space and time. Who ignores one, falls apart in shambles.”

“The body is the soul turned outward” “The body is the souls expression and it’s expression is not infinite.”

With September’s focus towards sessions that honour mind, body and spiritand my intention being to write about that through this month, it seemed no coincidence that this excerpt came to my attention at this time. The care of all aspects of ourselves is essential to the wellness of your whole-being.

In further researching the Sacred Script of the Covenant I came across a YOU TUBE clip that is really beautifully illustrated in sharing the message of the mind, body, spirit connection.  The video creator did a beautiful  job with this. I’ve shared the link with you below and welcome your feedback and comments.


What are your thoughts?
What activities help you to pay attention to your mind, body and spirit connection?


What do you think? Comments....

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