Yay for PJ Day!

Yes, yesterday I retreated from the world for a PJ Day! I think the last one was sometime in March.

An example of an ankle sock

What is a PJ Day?

You probably indulge (at least I hope so) and call it something else. You know, those days when you do pretty much nothing at all. If you don’t have those days you probably need them more than you think. I often find if I’m feeling tired physically and emotionally a PJ day will revitalize and refresh me…if I don’t listen my body will often deliver me with a cold so I have to take a break. I would rather take the day without the virus.

For me PJ Day is a “planned” in advance day…

  • The phone is shut off before I go to bed the night before
  • Any outstanding emails are answered the night before and the computer goes off too
  • Meals are planned … so there is not much I need to do
  • The alarm clock is nowhere to be found

My PJ Day may include…

  • A whole day in my PJs reading a book (usually something mindless…the textbooks can wait)
  • Casual meals that are not rushed (you know, mindful eating…so very good for you)
  • Extended bubble baths with candles, music and my book
  • Curling up with the cat on the couch and watching a movie
  • A home spa day of pedicure, manicure and facial
  • Sleeping in!
  • A really quiet and slow yoga session
  • Naps!
  • A hot shower with scented soaps, lotions and fresh clean Pj’s!
  • ….add your ideas here…..

The results? I am refreshed and ready to take on the world the next day. My mind is calm and energized as is my body and I feel fabulous.

Taking the time to let the body and mind batteries recharge is essential to avoiding fatigue, burn out and overload….how do you recharge?


2 thoughts on “Yay for PJ Day!

    • Yes I do…an adult now. When younger PJ day included watching a movie together or playing board games, reading books, building lego, colouring, drawing … and now as an adult we cook a meal together, watch a movie or sit on the deck and enjoy the quiet together or catch up with talking and sharing.

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