The Gift in Gratitude

The celebrations around Thanksgiving bring a greater awareness to what we may be grateful for in our lives…but really, is it not something worth exploring every day?

I read often and in varying Medias that to really feel gratitude for what I have in my life, really feel it, is the pathway to bring more things into my life to feel grateful for. What I find when I go to that place of gratitude is a deep sense of having, right now, all that I really may need or want. At those times nothing feels as though it is lacking or missing. What do you notice during those spaces of conscious gratitude?

My heartfelt gratitude is often focused on the people in my life more than the things…though I do love my things, as materialistic as that may sound. I don’t want to be parted from my books and music, my photo albums nor that metal rose my son created in Grade 8.

From my family and close friends to clients and students I find myself surrounded by love and support from amazing people who share so much of themselves with me (likely more than they realize). When I think upon it further, that circle of people to be grateful for goes out to include those I don’t know that well (they present me with the possibility to expand my circles). Surprisingly, my gratitude extends especially to those that I may not “get along” with (I won’t even pretend that I can get along with everybody…and I am ok with that). What I find is that those are the people who teach me the most about myself. My personal lessons from them are usually issues around boundaries or to learn that I really am “ok” with the person I am and the way I live my life, and I thank them for that confirmation. What do you learn from the people in your life? Those close to you and those not so close?

I’ve taken some time to think about what or who, since last Thanksgiving, has been presented in my life to be grateful for. The list is lengthy after 365 days and once again I find it is the people that I have encountered through those days, that have left the most lasting impressions. It is people that have taught me so much more than I could even have dreamed I would learn, a year ago.

~My son, brothers, sisters, nieces, nephew and great nephew have taught me that despite differences of opinion, sibling spats, health scares and space and distance, my family is an ongoing circle of love, support, care and laughter. My gratitude for them fills my heart to the point of feeling as though it will bust open.

~My close circle of good friends feel like a 2nd family that is filled with joyful laughter, tears, stories, support and love that swims in wine, tea and potluck yummies! I’ve been blessed to be able to add people to that circle this past year who have shared so much!

~Both clients and students, regulars and new ones this year, are constantly showing me why I do what I do and, that I really am doing work that I love. They continue to push me to learn and to grow while at the same time placing their trust in my skills and experience. THEY make this journey through natural health and dance worthwhile.

~This past year has been filled with new opportunities to meet colleagues in the natural health field who love what they do as much as I do. They have taught me so much about the many ways the body and mind can heal. They have stretched my mind (and body) to open even further to new ideas and understandings of the mind, body, spirit connection and how really… we are all one.
I’ve met so many other dancers this past year (those new to the dance and those who have been in the community for some time) and again find that common bond that we share … a passion and a deep soul-filled joy for the dance.

~And through those that have come into my life for short periods of time this past year I have learned much about cherishing the precious time that I have to spend with family and friends (and through that, my circle of good friends has expanded). Others have taught me that boundaries are really an ok thing to have, that it really is ok to say “no” (that is an upcoming blog in itself) and that this journey of lessons is ongoing. But most importantly they’ve taught me that I’m really, pretty happy with the life that I’ve created.

I wish for all of you a Happy Thanksgiving that extends to a year filled with experiences to be grateful for!

Let’s expand the energy and circle of gratitude together…share your grateful experiences here!


2 thoughts on “The Gift in Gratitude

  1. Happy Thanksgiving Teresa! What a beautiful tribute to others and yourself… Wishing you health, happiness and peace. Thank you for being in my life. Hugs, Colleen


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