H2H Tips ~ the wonder whyse!

P question

Something new for the H2H pages that you’ll find here each week!

Tips that will help YOU to get more from your healthy “good for you” sessions that extend the benefits of your health session or hip bumping dance class, for days after you’ve had it

You may wonder why

  • I suggest that you drink more water after a Spinal Touch or Massage Session, or
  • Its a really good idea to soak in the tub tonight after your massage or an intensive dance class, or
  • Leaving the oil in your hair after a Champissage session or on your skin after an Abhyanga massage is so good for you, or
  • Being on a full dose of pain killers right before your session or dance class is not the best idea, or
  • When the muscle burns it’s ok but sharp pain isn’t when you’re dancing or working out
  • I’m such a nag about stretching, yoga and posture
  • Booking your Reiki or Craniosacral session at the end of the day is a much better idea than doing them first thing,
  • or

The reasons? All of these tips and more will help your body, mind and spirit get the most from your health session or dance class with me AND while making you health whyse will also make a difference in your self-care for days afterwards

and that means

YOU feeling vibrantly well !

Beginning next Wednesday and for each Wednesday after that I’ll share the why’s for the above wonderments and so many others! Follow the blog to have the tips delivered directly to your email inbox or come back to visit the page.

I’d also love to hear any “wonder why” questions you have….so please share them here!


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