H2H Wonder Whyse Tips #1 ~ It is all about YOU!


Welcome to the first in a series of getting the most from your “good for you” sessions with me….how to keep the goodness flowing for days afterwards!

I am going to make a guess that most of you (at least those that are regular clients) thought that the first tip would be about water (your “medicine” of life) but no….there is a tip that is more important for getting the most for yourself…body, mind and spirit!

When you have come to see me for a session, regardless of what you booked in for, or have shown up to participate in a dance class, you have taken a huge step in caring about YOU! and really it is all about you!….and the more that you take that outlook the better you are going to feel inside and out and the more that goodness flow of energy will continue.


Now most of us may think that is a selfish attitude to take but let’s think about it for a minute…

After your session, let’s just say a one hour massage (though it could be any that I offer) you are in a state of relaxation and likely feeling pretty peaceful. Your muscles have had a workout, your mind has had time to calm and switch into a lower gear, all of your organs are benefiting from your increased circulation, the pain you were feeling has lessened or gone and you are breathing more deeply.

You could, before your next session, jump right back into your day picking up the previous busy pace and running from task to task 225 - Stressuntil you drop onto the massage table a couple of weeks later with the same issues that you were experiencing at your last session. Or you could…

  • book yourself into your own appointment book to sit quietly for just 5 minutes twice a day and breathe deeply. Just breath in and breath out. No other task. The benefit? Your mind calms, your circulation increases, you move back into your day with more focus.
  • add perhaps another 5 minutes to your breathing just to stretch….you could even do both at once…stretch and breathe. Those muscles that were opened up during your massage are delighted to be oxygenated, lengthened and open rather than having them tighten back up again.
  • you could possibly book your massage or other session towards the end of the day and then, rather than jumping back into your busy day go home instead. Slip into a hot bath with epsom salts while dinner is cooking or put on some quieter music as you read to your kids, doing what you need to so that your mind isn’t overly stimulated and you can extend the calmness the massage session brought to you.
  • add a minute or two to your shower time to moisturize your skin…take the time to rub it in a little to give yourself a mini-massage as you take care of you.
  • when you go out to get groceries between sessions think about how much you love that body you’re going to feed and how much it would enjoy some healthier treats, just how good that would make your organs feel! and in turn lift your mind and spirit!

There are so many ways that you can look after you AND
what you will likely notice in doing that
is that you have more energy to give to others…so everyone benefits!

If you’re not in the habit of making it about you then book yourself into your appointment book or set a daytimer that reminds you each day and while at first it may feel like a nuisance and an annoyance to take time for you, after a while you’ll notice that it becomes a habit…and isn’t that a healthy habit to have.

All of these tips and more will help your body, mind and spirit get the most from your health session or dance class with me AND while making you health whyse will also make a difference in your self-care for days afterwards

and that means

YOU feeling vibrantly well !

Share your tips on ways that you implement self-care on a daily basis? How do you work self-care into your busy day?


What do you think? Comments....

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