I’m saying No! Is that ok?

When something is feeling “off” and just not sitting well in our soul, our Spirit immediately takes notice. Why? because our highest self (this is my term for a higher power, you likely call it something different) wants only the very best life has to offer us…we are encouraged to grow , expand, learn and to fill this life we have each been gifted with.

But living as beings in this current society has become increasingly busy, sometimes not just busy but CRAZY busy. And while we’re often trying to “keep it all together” “make everyone happy” “doing the right thing”…we often don’t hear those first whispers of discomfort.

It doesn’t mean that sense of unease has gone away, just that we haven’t noticed our Spirit’s message.

And so in trying to fit in with society and keep all things right in our world (I mean the outer world, not what’s going on within us) we stretch our lives to incredible limits. In the act of being kind and trying to help we often say Yes to most of what is asked of us. That word tends to flow out so automatically and quickly that the brain hasn’t had time to engage….really.

It is once we step away that the mind and brain start to think about all that is on its plate already in the way of commitments and responsibilities. We don’t really have to even look at our appointment calendars to know we’ve just had to shove something over to make room for another yes.

When I give people Angel Card Readings a common picture that the angels will show me is that the person is at the centre and completely surrounded by a fast and large spinning disk. On the disk are all of that person’s commitments and responsibilities to others, on very rare occasions there are small spaces of self-care commitments. It looks as though life is spinning all around while they are frantically placing their hands on the wheel to pluck off and do a task expected of them while knowing there are many many others calling for their attention. What would happen if the person at the centre of the wheel got sick or passed away….what would happen if they were so busy looking after all the responsibilities on the wheel that they completely forgot about themselves and life created a situation where they were not able to do it any more?  While standing in the centre of the disk trying to please all others what attention is being paid to that persons own “spirit song”?

What happens if we say NO? Even if it is after we’ve already said Yes?

What I hear others say most often is that they’ve already made a commitment, to others. Or that they worry what others would say about them. Or that no matter how hard they try, they just can’t say no.

hmmmmmmmmmmmmm going back to the spinning wheel, what about your spirit/soul/higher self’s desires and goals for your journey? If saying No to another means more time for you to expand and grow and learn upon your path, should that not take priority?

I think that what we forget when caught up in the whirlwind of saying Yes is that those that care about us want to see our higher self have the opportunity for growth as well. Those in our lives that matter to us….well, we also matter to them! And if they thought that your Yes was putting undue pressure upon an already overfull plate, don’t you think, in their care of you, they would want you to come back to them and say “I have to say no”.

Perhaps by putting your hand over your mouth before the automatic Yes slips out and instead saying “I’ll have to check and get back to you” would be a better answer. We’re not only stopping to check in with ourselves and putting our own journey and goals first, but at the same time we’re showing others that it’s ok to do that (and that is a fabulous lesson not just for our children but for others as well)

Try it, I think you’ll be amazed at the support you receive from those who care about you!

Have you made attempts to step off the flying disc? Share how you did it or what the results were….



What do you think? Comments....

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