H2H WonderWhyse Tips #3 ~ hydration!

Yes it is the “W” word

Why do I recommend you bring water to dance class OR drink extra water after a Spinal Touch Session or Massage treatment OR suggest that your body (usually the skin) is telling me you’re not hydrated enough?

Keeping hydrated is a major keynote in getting your body to give you it’s best!

Your Body needs regular watering just like the garden and it needs some extra before and during your dance and health session time. Here is why…

  • Drinking water before you dance, work out (and yes, a massage is considered a work out for your muscles) is going to give your body more umph! Water helps to convert your food into energy and helps your body to absorb the nutrients from the food you eat. It also carries the nutrients and Oxygen to your cells. So more water = more energy!
  • Face it, when you workout, move about and dance, you sweat (ok, perspire) … and that means that your body is experiencing water loss which needs to be replaced. Water also helps to keep your body temperature regulated (ie. keeps the red faced flush on the cooler side)
  • If you’re dancing hard and fast you are likely breathing hard and fast and if you’re not hydrated you can get that yucky dry mouthed sticky feeling when you breath…but with enough water on board the Oxygen is moistened creating easier breathing.
  • As you are moving and shimmying and bending and twisting in your dance or your therapist is doing the bending and twisting for you, that water already in your system is protecting and cushioning your vital organs AND is helping to cushion your joints…perhaps helping you in your day to day activities to bend your knees a little deeper, tone down the joint noise as you go up stairs, letting your shoulder reach further overhead…
  • As you undulate your torso in dance or receive an abdominal massge you are doing wonders for your internal organs by giving them (especially the colon) a really good gentle session … water helps the process along by helping to remove the wastes.
  • Did you know that your body is comprised of large amounts of water? All of those parts that help you move. The bones that keep your frame upright are 22 % water, those beautiful muscles that move the bones are comprised of 75% water, the blood pulsing through your veins  is 83% water and that thoughtful brain of yours is comprised of 75% water
  • And your skin…a whole month of articles could be written about how vital water is to the healthy appearance of your skin, nails and hair!

Česky: Pitná voda - kohoutek Español: Agua potable

…so the question has to be asked…why wouldn’t you drink up and help your whole being get more?

Do you have some Tricks & Tips you use to keep yourself hydrated?

 Do you only Drink up for certain occasions or do you guzzle all day long?

3 thoughts on “H2H WonderWhyse Tips #3 ~ hydration!

  1. Excellent web site. A lot of helpful info here. I’m sending it to several friends and also sharing in delicious. And obviously, thank you!

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