November “mini’s”

November health session feature “the mini’s”!

A month of discovery…

At a recent “Wellness in the Workplace” conference held in Vancouver I had the opportunity to meet and share mini-sessions with people from all over the world. What I discovered in talking with them was that people had heard of Reiki or Craniosacral Therapy or other natural health sessions, but they had no idea what the benefits were to them in having a session, or what a session involved. Needless to say this opened the door to some really interesting discussions about the numerous benefits of Natural Health practices and also how they can integrate so well with all health modalities.

Clinical Reflexology
for the Hands

Education and information about the benefits appears to be a key to opening doorways for so many to enjoy vibrantly good health…naturally.

November’s feature sessions will be focused towards that!

I invite you to book in for mini-sessions of modalities that you haven’t tried before, or add one on to the end of a session you’re already booked in for. Each session will include 20 minutes of mini-treatment as well as the opportunity for you to ask questions.

PLUS for each mini-session that you book in for between November 1 and 30, 2012, your name is entered into a draw to win  a full one hour session of your choice (2 gift certificates will be drawn)!

Here are your mini-sesson choices:
  • *Swedish Massage*
  • *Reflexology (Hand or Foot) *
  • *Reiki*
  • *Craniosacral Therapy*
  • *Spinal Touch (assessment only)*
  • *Champissage*

Each mini-session is a 20 minute introduction to the therapy only, and costs only $25 (hst included) Plus your name is entered into the November 30th Gift Certificate prize draw

(please note that your mini-session must be booked and received between November 1 & 30, 2012. Gift certificates may not be used towards or purchased for November mini-sessions)

After you’ve tried them….share your favourite mini here…..


What do you think? Comments....

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