The Gift of Wellbeing

Gift of health

Stress Affects our Health

What if you gave the Gift of wellbeing to yourself?

At times we are not even aware of how great the stress in your lives is so, with the Holiday Season quickly upon us it may just be one of the most important times to give attention to ourselves.  We live stressful day-to-day lives.  We have obligations on us from work, family, friends,  just to name a few. This stress has a profound effect on the body and its ability to heal and function at an optimal level.  When an individual experiences ongoing stress, it can overload the  circuits of the body, causing them to fail or be severely compromised.   Just like plugging too many appliances into an outlet and tripping a circuit breaker in your home,  now the breakers needs to be reset.  Often times the body cannot reset these blown circuits on its own, so the body then must continue to function in a less than ideal state.  This ultimately leads to degeneration, illness and pain in the body, a sign that it is simply falling behind in the healing process.  Stress-related illnesses include, but are not limited to: high blood pressure and heart rate, digestive disorders, hormone and endocrine imbalances, fatigue, infertility issues and all manner of immune system disorders.  So what is your body telling you ?

Are you aware  that 1 out of 9 people in Canada have some form of Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome ?  BUT these are not all from traumatic incidences, it can also develop from our chronically stressful lives.

Self-nurturing doesn’t have to be stressful in itself , you don’t have to swallow handfuls of expensive supplements,  and it doesn’t have to take a lot of your time either.  Giving the gift to yourself of physical and emotional wellbeing, is not selfish, it will be one of the most valuable things you can give to your family and friends and even your work environment.  When you are centered and balanced,  this overflows into all areas of your life that you share with others and you may find that your  life flows easier.  Our lives will always have up’s and down’s, but what if we could face these times with a sense of peace and harmony and maintain this with natural methods, that are in tune with our bodies?  There is a way.

What is BodyTalk and How can it help ?

Good health is based on good communication among all the systems of the body.  While you quietly relax on a treatment table, fully clothed,  I the practitioner, positioned at your side, uses the your arm for Applied Kinesiology, or  neuromuscular biofeedback.  This biofeedback is used to establish a yes/no communication between practitioner and client.   We can then ask the body what organs, endocrine glands, body parts, etc need to be addressed in order to reestablish good communication and facilitate healing, thus using  the innate wisdom in our bodies.  The practitioner uses the BodyTalk Protocol Chart to establish the priorities.  Once a priority item is revealed, the practitioner asks for any additional details that are pertinent.  The BodyTalk practitioner will link these items in the sequence indicated, constructing the formula needed to reestablish optimum communication in the body/mind.  The tapping procedure is one of the most important developments in the BodyTalk System.  Tapping on the body to get it to focus on healing has been used by some indigenous holistic systems for centuries.  For BodyTalk, tapping on the head to “fix” the faulty communication and on the sternum over the heart to “store” the fix, facilitates the body’s own ability to restore and maintain its optimum balance.  This process anchors the balance.  Now the body can begin its healing process. Its that easy!

Because your body stores the changes made by the brain during the tapping process, this means that every session you have builds on the one before. Your body actually remembers the BodyTalk sessions it receives and your healing process will continue with each additional session you have.

BodyTalk’s major assets are its simplicity, safety and speed of results.  BodyTalk is non-invasive , and works effectively on humans and animals alike.

Self-nurturing, one the best gifts we can give to ourselves.  I think you owe it to yourself and in turn your family and friends will benefit and most of all your body will thank you !  Now is a great time to take charge of life and say YES to HEATH & VITALITY !

To an amazing 2013 and beyond !

I enjoy the profound connections I make with my clients, and working with them regularly offers us an opportunity to build an strong healing relationship.

I look forward to sharing the BodyTalk experience with you and for the month of December an Holiday De-stress special $25.00 off your session  !

In Health,

Tammy Nielsen, DCH RCSHom


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