Muscles ~ the Emotional Scream

My muscles have been talking lately and loudly!

Scheme of muscles of neck, with the stylohyoid...

Sounds strange perhaps, but let me explain.

This past Fall I took extra special care of me and ensured that I experienced regular self-care. I booked massage appointments in advance and also took a weekly Yoga class.

Not for the first time, but with a new awareness, I experienced the emotional scream of my muscles. The massage therapist worked deeply on tightly held and restricted muscles. The Yoga classes were heart-centred experiences where the stretches were slower moving and deep….opening all the muscles that I use, not just day to day as a health practitioner, but also as a dance instructor.

During these sessions the emotions came out. Have you tried holding a deep stretch for 2 to 5 minutes? Have you noticed when you’ve held a deep stretch, that the muscles warm slowly and allow you to stretch a little more? As I would breathe into these stretches all sorts of emotions came to the surface, those that the muscles had been holding and storing. All of them! The anger, sadness, fear, joy, frustration, peace and laughter. The Yoga instructors calm reassuring reminders to breathe nudged me to breath through and release both the tension in the muscles and the emotions that surfaced.

I experienced the same with each massage. It felt great to have someone work deeply into my muscles and to enjoy sessions where I could 23completely relax and de-stress. My physical body works hard during the week, my emotional body probably harder. As I relaxed and the muscles began to warm and stretch beneath the therapists hands, once again emotions came bubbling up. As a therapist I realize that they are only coming up to the surface so that my body can finally release them…it’s a good thing. I’m blessed in finding a therapist that uses and is guided by her intuition, allowing my body the space to open and release both the physical and emotional tension that I’ve stored within.

These experiences resonated with what I feel beneath my hands every day, as I work with clients. As they talk and/or as they relax, their muscles begin to speak beneath my hands. The bands of stress and constriction begin to open slowly and let me in further…so that what may have started out as a physical therapy becomes a holistic one. The “whole” client is realizing benefits!

fbprofileFor my self, I leave each class or session feeling lighter, pounds lighter! My physical body feels wonderful but more importantly my emotional self is more peaceful!

Book your intuitive massage or reflexology session and experience your muscles emotional scream….it really is a good thing!

Fabulous heart-centred Yoga classes with Kim Pechet begin again at Wisteria Acres in January. Click here for more info


Are you listening to your muscles? Really listening?

What do you think? Comments....

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