Natural Health Awareness ~ Let’s Celebrate!

Jan 13 to 20…yes this week, is Natural Health Practitioner’s Awareness Week. Each year the organization that I belong to (the Natural Health Practitioners of Canada) picks a theme for Awareness Week. This year is one of sharing. The idea being that you share and talk with your friends and families about the benefits that you have experienced by having one or many Natural Health sessions.

What I like about belonging to NHPC is that they recognize over 60 Natural Health modalities…really grasping that understanding, that we are each unique individuals, and so even if one modality works for one person, another may benefit from something completely different.

My own practice includes Spinal Touch, Massage, Reflexology, Reiki, Craniosacral Therapy and some Ayurvedic modalities…giving clients choice and giving me a variable skill set to draw upon.


To Celebrate this Awareness week I am offering a 20% discount on all services booked and received between January 13 & 19, 2013. An opportunity for YOU to try something you haven’t before or to have an extra session to sit back and just “receive”. If you inspire a friend or family member to book in as well you receive 25% off (your friend or family member receives 20% discount)
Now that gives you and your loved ones a reason to look after yourselves, naturally, this week….and we all know how great that feels!

(please note that no additional discount coupons may be used towards this weeks sessions)


What is your preferred modality of Natural Health? or do you have many?

What wonderful experiences have you had with Natural Health sessions?


What do you think? Comments....

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