February is all Heart

What kind things are you doing for your Heart?

Not just the physical muscle pumping in your chest (though taking care and being kind to that is so important) but do you also consider, when taking care, your emotional heart? Your Heart Chakra? The Heart & Soul of YOU?

A heart being used as a symbol of love. Photo ...

febspecFebruary is going to be filled with posts that consider all of those Hearts! Comfort in recipes, Naturally Heart Healthy tips, Living from and through your Heart ….  keep following along through the month…



Here is

February’s Heart Healthy Session Special!

Take some time and place yourself in my hands, lie back and allow yourself to relax and receive.
~Release tension held in your scalp & jaw
~Open up Winter sinuses & Breathe
~Bring those shoulders down from your ears
~Soothe away the Stress

Book now for your Special Scalp, Face, Neck & Shoulder Massage
Feb 1-28,2013 only $50.00 (plus hst)
Add full Back Massage $20
Add Massage to Hands or Feet $20

To enjoy your February 2013 Special Session you must book and receive the session between Feb 1 & 28, 2013. Please note that Gift Certificates can not be used towards or purchased for monthly specials sessions.

What do you think? Comments....

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