Caring for your Heart with kindness, love & gratitude

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What you can’t see you don’t need to think about! True or False?

Most of us are vaguely aware of one of the most amazing muscles we have. Certainly as a Massage Therapist I help care for a number of the muscles in your body. I’m also aware with each touch, that your session has a great impact upon your precious Heart muscle.

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Think about this for a minute…this fist sized muscle that pumps your blood through your body, delivering nutrients that feed every cell within you and taking away the toxins and waste that your body doesn’t need. It works constantly from before you are born until you take your last breath and does so without you having to do anything!

So how do you handle your Heart with care? There are all of the obvious things like exercise, eating well, not smoking, etc. But I think perhaps more important is creating a Heart awareness. Taking the time to focus and connect with this one vital muscle brings an awareness that you won’t be able to ignore, and through that an understanding, or a sense of gratitude which can extend to the rest of your precious body.

English: Pulse evaluation Deutsch: Pulstastung

Here is an exercise to help with that. Find a quiet space where you can be comfortable, breathe and allow your mind to wander. In that space of peace place your index or middle finger over one of your pulse points (wrist, throat…) and while continuing to breathe notice your pulse. Allow yourself to feel each beat and then as you continue to breathe allow your mind to wander…each and every beat of your pulse represents another beat of your heart, another flow of goodness to and through you body, another transfer out of the body of what you no longer need…each beat is sending blood to your toes, your finger tips, around your brain and feeding all of your organs bathing them in warmth and nutrients.  Take a few minutes with this and let your focus follow that pulse, that heartbeat…follow the pulse with awareness to your toes, your fingers, your stomach, …. so that you come to a place of awareness of this mighty muscle and it’s impact upon all that you do, how you feel, your vitality and your wellness.

When you have finished this short exercise make a mental note of how you feel? How can you better care for this precious muscle? and if you take better care of this muscle, what impact will it have upon the other muscles in your body?

You may not be able to see it, but if you think about it your self-love, awareness and appreciation will expand.

What do you think? Comments....

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