Transforming Trauma ~ the you that is now

Trauma Transformation ~ Naturally

Coming out of the dark, hiding under a rock, being in that dark and cold space…seems easier sometimes to just stay there and nurse our hurts.  Really, there is so much more to our lives, but perhaps you’re just not really sure of how to get from the dark to even a glimmer of light. It can seem a momentous task. 

darkspaceAnd then there are the helpful ones who want you to “be your old self again” and perhaps you try to be that person for others, but perhaps that person doesn’t exist anymore. Perhaps what happened, what was survived or dealt with, has created a change. The more people encourage you to go backwards the more stuck you become.

And then there are the “shoulds” that you probably heap upon yourself…that you should be “back to normal by now”, that “you’re taking too long to heal”, “ that…

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