Mini Sessions at the Langley Natural Health Fair

YES….it’s happening this Saturday!


A lot of “good for you” information packed into one place! I will be there with my colleague Tammy Nielsen as we launch further into Trauma Transformation ~ Naturally! Both Tammy and I will be offering mini-sessions so this will be the perfect opportunity for YOU to experience a sampling of BodyTalk, Reflexology, Reiki or Massage, plus chat with us about your natural health & well-ness plans for the rest of 2013!

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The two of us also spent a day putting together some samplers of aromatherapy treats that complement our work with clienLavendar flowerts suffering the symptoms of PTSD and accumulated stress…come and find out how Lemon Balm and Quartz or Lavender and Candlelight can assist in calming or stimulating your senses.

In it’s second year the Langley Natural Health Fair offers the unique opportunity to learn more about Natural Health modalities, products and books, through information booths, on site practitioners and speakers. I am honoured and excited to have this opportunity to share my passion for natural healthcare with those that attend!

PLUS along with my Raks Almeh troupe sister and my students who are a part of Troupe Majdoob, there will be the opportunity to enjoy an entertaining half hour of Holistically healthy Tribal Fusion Belly Dance! (watch out…there’s an audience participation dance as well… Your opportunity to shake and shimmy!)


 I am really looking forward to seeing you there!

Trauma Transformation ~ Naturally:
Langley Natural Health Fair:
Raks Almeh Dance Troupe:
Troupe Majdoob and Abbotsford Classes:


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