Reiki and the Art of Sharing

Whether through individual sessions or classes this amazing ancient healing art is imbued with love and light!

789What is Reiki?

Reiki (pronounced Ray-key) is an ancient Japanese healing art that encourages the natural energies that are around and within us to come into balance. Like the energies that help a plant to grow, blossom and develop Reiki provides a space for our mind, body and spirit to do the same. When our body is in a state of total relaxation it has the opportunity to heal itself, Reiki promotes this way of being and increases the energy within us that is often depleted through stress, trauma and illness. Enhancement of health and reduction of stress encourages the body, mind and spirit to come into a state of harmony and retain a sense of peace within.

Reiki is beneficial for relieving many symptoms that are associated with headaches (whether migraine or stress related), PMS & Menopause symptoms, Depression and Stress, Injury due to accident or surgery, Arthritis, Respiratory illnesses, MS and works exceptionally well to relieve the pain and nausea associated with Chemotherapy and Radiation. It balances, refreshes, rejuvenates and restores!

A Reiki Master since 1996, I follow the traditional Usui method of Reiki in both the sessions shared with clients and classes shared with students. 786 The practice of Reiki has become a daily way of living gently and lovingly upon the earth and is just a natural part of sharing love with my family (including pets), friends, clients and the world around me. One benefit I find to Reiki is the ability (after taking the 2nd degree) to send Reiki to others. On the rare occasions that I do watch the news and witness some of the tragedies that are reported locally and around the world I am able to send Reiki out to hopefully help and heal those that are injured from earthquake, war, tsunami, etc. and I am honoured, that in some small way, I can share the gift that is Reiki. The comment often made is “you seem so calm” and Reiki would be the reason for that sense of peace within.

Reiki ~ The Universal Gift

Learning Reiki

REIKI Level 1 Saturday July 27, 9:30 to approx. 5:30

The first level of Reiki shares the history of this ancient healing art following the traditional Usui method.  You will also:

  • learn how to give a treatment to yourself as well as the hand positions to share a full session with another
  • have the opportunity to practice through sharing a session
  • learn how to share a mini Reiki session with another
  • discover the Reiki principles and ways in which you can work with them to enhance your well-being
  • have 2 attunements in which your ability to channel Reiki energy is opened (gradually) and sealed
  • take home notes with information about Reiki from the perspective of different Masters, the hands on positions for a session, a copy of the Reiki principles and some basic information about natural healing with Reiki
  • learn ways to share Reiki with animals, provide first aid and help plants to grow

840This is a certificate class, certificate will be provided at the end of the day.

Summer classes held in beautiful surrounds of my Fort Langley home where nature thrives! Old growth trees, birds and squirrels all add to the joyful Reiki. Weather permitting we may take portions of the class to the outdoors.

Cost: $200.00 (plus gst) 50% deposit is required when you pre-register in order to hold a space in the class

English: Illustration of the main 7 Chakras, a...

English: Illustration of the main 7 Chakras, as taught by contemporary Reiki masters. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

REIKI Level 2 Saturday August 24, 9:30 to approx. 5:30

A further journey that takes you deeper into the practice of Reiki. You will:

  • be provided with symbols that enhance the use of Reiki energy when sharing with others and allow you to send Reiki energy healing long distance
  • have the opportunity to practice with the symbols while giving a session
  • learn how to balance the chakras and the female/male energies during a session
  • take home notes with information shared from various Reiki Masters regarding the 2nd degree, the symbols and ways in which to use them, information about the chakras
  • have 1 attunement sealing the symbols into your natural Reiki energy

This is a certificate class and certificate will be provided upon completion of this level. Pre-requisite: Completion of Reiki Level 1 no less than 3 weeks prior to the beginning of this class.

Cost: $275.00 (plus gst) 50% deposit is required when you pre-register in order to hold a space in class for you.

REIKI Level 3 ‘Personal Mastery’ ~ Advance Reiki Training Saturday, August 31st – 8:30 to 5:30 plus a Reiki Grid creation evening on Saturday Sept. 7th, 4pm start (there is some preparation work to complete and submit prior to the class date, early registration is recommended)

This advanced study of Reiki energy focuses on the practitioner’s connection with Universal energy both conceptually and energetically. Reiki energy is explored through the spirit of oneness and is beneficial whether you plan to continue to the Master/Teacher level or not. It will improve and strengthen the flow of Reiki energy for yourself and assist in developing confidence as a Reiki practitioner. Taking the journey inward to reach and heal our own core is essential to advancing our sharing of Reiki energy. Students often find this level to be one of the biggest steps and an empowering experience in their personal sense of deep inner peace. Prior to the class are a series of assignments intended to be supportive as well as informative to both the practitioner and the teacher, helping both of us to develop further insight into your understanding of Reiki. There are no wrong answers to the assignment questions as we all practice Reiki in an individual way. Reiki assignments will be given upon paid registration.

During the Reiki Class you will

  • Be given the Master Symbol which facilitates unlocking the full potential of Reiki Energy and assists to greatly increase healing
  • Learn meditative techniques to develop a clearer channel of  life force energy, expand consciousness, strengthen the mind and become one with the Master Symbol
  • Take the Chakra balancing techniques taught in Reiki 2 and learn to clear and re-energize those that are “stuck”
  • Learn how to clear, energize and imbue crystals with Reiki energy
  • Learn how to bring Crystals, Aromatherapy and Colour Therapy into your practice to enhance Reiki energy
  • Learn different methods of creating sacred space for Reiki practice and sessions through participating in setting up the space for the day’s class
  • Have the opportunity to practice what you’ve learned through sharing a session and to also experience the increased energy through receiving a session
  • Take home notes with information shared from various Reiki Masters regarding the 3rd degree, the Master Symbol and ways in which to use it, information about chakra clearing, crystals, aromatherapy and colour therapy
  • Receive a Reiki 3 kit that will include crystals, essential oils and a music CD for use in developing quiet sacred space as you delve into your inner Reiki practice
  • Ongoing support in the 6 months following through email or phone sessions.

This is a certificate class. The certificate will be given after completion of pre-class assignments, the Reiki 3 class and the Grid creation workshop. Pre-requisite: Completion of Reiki Levels 1 & 2 no less than 3 months prior to the class date.

Cost: $385.00 (plus gst). A 50% deposit is required to hold a space in class. Class space is limited to ensure a personalized learning experience.

MASTER Teacher Level

“To be a great teacher we need to learn to be not a  sage on the stage, but a guide on the side.” -Author unknown

This level may take 6 months to a year to complete as you are encouraged to work at your own pace. The specific focus at this level is on cultivating the art of teaching Reiki and guiding others in their personal practice. Ongoing self-development in your relationship with Reiki is also required.

During this level you will

  • learn to give attunements for Levels 1, 2 & 3
  • receive the final symbol for Reiki mastery as well as additional symbols to empower your practice of this healing art
  • learn additional advanced meditative techniques to assist your journey as a teacher and practitioner
  • with assistance and guidance develop your own class content and curriculum for teaching Reiki Levels 1, 2, & 3
  • learn the ethics and responsibilities of your role as a teacher
  • assist and observe a Reiki 1 or 2 class
  • host and teach a level 1 class with assistance
  • receive ongoing one on one mentoring
  • receive 4 Reiki sessions at close intervals (optimally 4 days in a row) to clear, balance and charge your connection
  • receive an attunement and initiation to the Master/Teacher level of Reiki

Preparation for this course begins after completing Reiki Level 3 and is the final step towards sharing Reiki as a teacher of this healing art. There will be 4 to 5 full day classes throughout the time that this level is being completed, in addition to a day of observation of a class and a day of teaching your own class. Please contact me for scheduling when you feel ready to begin. Cost: $1800.00 (plus gst). Payment plans available.

If you are a group of people wishing to take Reiki classes and are not in the Fort Langley area please contact me, I’m happy, if possible, to travel to you.


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