Changing Your Limiting Beliefs Around Money

YOU do not want to miss this workshop! I have had the benefit of participating in Clinical Hypnotherapy sessions with Elizabeth around this very issue and have been absolutely amazed at the results! It is astounding to me how much baggage I was dragging around through my life around money and mostly from messages received earlier on in life … and just as amazing was how easy it was to see this, release it and move forward with what I know to be true.
Elizabeth is a compassionate and knowledgeable colleague who has a true desire to help others lead better lives! You can find out more about her by visiting her website at



Do you…understand the law of attraction, but are still unable to manifest the life you desire?!

Have you…read all the books, done the affirmations but still can’t unlock the blocks?

Do you have healthy beliefs about money? Or Is your mind working against you in your quest for financial freedom?

Your attitude towards money is actively creating your financial reality
Ladies, it’s time to begin manifesting the life you want, by this time tomorrow.  During this Workshop we will teach you how to use hypnosis, tapping and unique visualization techniques to identify and undo sabotaging patterns and to create powerful subconscious changes which will serve you better and allow you to make the changes you want in your life.
If you’re a woman who is always struggling to have enough money, the biggest factor holding you back is simply the way you think about money on a Subconscious level. Let’s change that!  
On Sunday, February 16th, 10 to 4:30 in  Abbotsford
Join Elizabeth MacKay and Teresa Graham for a workshop that will help to
unlock the successful goddess within,
unleash your hidden potential
and become the kind of woman who just naturally attracts money, sees money as abundant and available rather than scarce
Vegetarian lunch, refreshments and all workshop materials will be provided.Space is limited!
Reg. $159.00 Special price $129 Don’t miss out!
Pre-register with payment by February 9th

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