Hypnotherapy, Money & Deserving ~ A Spiritual Journey

MoneybirdOften the idea of linking spirituality with money is met with a scoffy eyeball, especially in the field of Mind, Body & Spirit health. But let’s be honest, with money you have more time to explore your spiritual pursuits. Money may not be everything BUT it does make this life journey, in human form, much easier to navigate.

I first began my journey into Clinical Hypnotherapy, with Elizabeth MacKay, in order to explore what it was that was holding me just out of arms reach of realizing complete financial freedom. Over the past months, what I’ve experienced is a true, deep and profound acceptance of the abundance in my life and in the world around me. On some level I have always felt the universe to be abundant but never seemed to be able to truly integrate that…until now.

Our sessions focused on the subconscious blocks I had put up regarding my self-worth, self-esteem, and deservability. The first negative message I heard about money was at the age of a few months old as my parents fought about how they couldn’t afford to have me. Yet here I am and now am able to look back to all of those events where I decided that I couldn’t afford to be in the world, but also, through awareness, have been able to change the message.

It was funny how all of this began. A few months ago I was thinking that at some point I would like to put a clothesline out in my backyard. Loving the idea of fresh, sun-dried sheets I tucked the idea away in my mental “to do at some point in the future” list. Within a week a friend who was visiting mentioned that she had a brand new clothesline umbrella that she was taking to the thrift store. Pretty quick with that manifestation!

So right at the start of my first session with Elizabeth I asked her why. Why could I manifest a clothesline so quickly but struggled with manifesting financial freedom. Her response “because I bet during your whole entire lifetime no one has said anything negative to you about clothes lines!” True enough, as far as I can remember. Actually I’ve always been able to quickly manifest some things while others take longer. The negative messages around money were free-flowing. My father grew up during the depression and was in University when I was born, my mother lived in Portsmouth during World War 2, I was raised by a single working parent and became one myself, plus media, plus societal views, plus, plus, plus… Any of this sounding familiar?

We live within the boundary that we set for ourselves, consciously and unconsciously.

I grew up listening to messages that money was scarce, or that you had to work and work really hard to receive money, that single parents were always broke, that it was best not to expect to receive in order to avoid disappointment, that money was for some people but not for others, basically that money was a negative subject to be avoided at all costs!

Elizabeth has helped me to realize how ingrained those messages have been, and how to create new ones.

The result has been not only a change to my financial picture but a new found freedom in watching for “old” and outdated messages within me, turning them around and allowing a new message to unfold and to guide me. To allow myself, my business and my soul to break free of some pretty well forged chains and imagine far greater journeys than I ever thought possible. That has been the truly abundant gift that I’ve been blessed with.


A Workshop

Elizabeth MacKay and I will be running a 2 part workshop that integrates the left and right brain of your business. Learning and applying the universal laws of customer/client/money attraction while also integrating the hands-on ways to effectively market your business easily, cheaply and/or for free. Both successful entrepreneurs, we’ll be sharing our tips, techniques and skills to assist you to make changes inside and out in achieving and creating the life you choose.

Visit Elizabeth at http://www.peacefulhypnotherapy.com


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