March is All About Relaxing into That Massage!

Are you ready to let yourself just receive?
If you answered yes then this month’s health session special is for YOU!

Slide into March with a ‪#‎RELAXATION‬ theme!
With a focus on RELAXATION, a softer approach to ‪‎Massage‬ with a sprinkling of ‪‎Reiki‬ and a soothing ‎Aromatherapy‬ blend will ease you into Spring.

380000_153153788126887_1516464537_nA Relaxation Massage with a loosening of muscle and tendons while breathing more deeply (and with less of a deep tissue approach) combined with Reiki and Aromatherapy is a perfect prescription for anxiety, stress and tension.
Enjoy a 1 1/2 hour session during the month of March

Your session must be booked and received between Feb. 23 & March 31, 2015. Gift Certificates and coupons can not be used towards nor purchased for monthly health session specials


What do you think? Comments....

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