25 years of Reiki practice

Reiki is loving energy, treatments in Calgary NW with Teresa Graham, Reiki MasterREIKI is an ancient Japanese healing technique

My connection with Reiki, from when I received my first session, through learning, sharing sessions and also teaching, has been a journey filled with twists and turns and a lot of lessons. Not all of it easy, but I think those experiences have made me a better teacher and practitioner.

Reiki is all about being open to allowing and receiving energy that is loving and healing. Deservability can raise it’s ugly head in whether we feel we’re worthy. That self-judgement is completely dissolved as we feel the vibrations of Reiki’s beautiful energy.Holistic health involves the mind, body and spirit

What has changed the most in my Reiki practice is a better understanding of how many different physical and emotional journey’s clients and students are on. They are as unique as the individual. Remaining open, without judgement but instead with acceptance, is a place that I have learned to greet each person with. This has spilled over into all of the holistic sessions that I practice and teach.

​While a lot of what I have learned and practiced is from textbooks and lectures, I’ve also come to the understanding of how important it is to embrace holistic healing, that if the mind is feeling out of  sorts, stressed and anxious, the body is likely reflecting that as well. Healing one without addressing the other usually leads to a temporary feeling of well-being, but in addressing both many clients experience better outcomes.

A few months ago I had a client book in for Reiki who was brand new. She had experienced trauma and said to me “I want to heal, but do I really have to talk with you about what happened”. “No, you don’t” was the answer. I knew that she would draw Reiki to those areas that needed healing and that I was simply there to support and facilitate that process. Twenty years ago I likely wouldn’t have had the same trust and faith, but I’ve witnessed it with too many to discount it now.

Calgary NW Reiki classes with Teresa Graham, VarsityLearn to share Reiki with others at a Level 1 Class

In teaching Reiki I find that students will struggle with what they are feeling when giving a session, moreso that they are not feeling anything or not feeling enough.

​It takes some time and practice to come to the understanding that sharing a Reiki session is not about what you the student or practitioner is feeling. What is the most important aspect of Reiki is what the recipient is experiencing and knowing that is enough.

Reiki, or the idea of working with energy, brings a lot of questions from clients and the public. I am always happy to talk with you and, if I can, answer any questions you may have about Reiki.  However, the best way to learn about it is to first experience it.