It’s a New Journey!

Life presented the opportunity to make a big change, and I took it! After starting my career in the Fraser Valley and offering sessions for 20+ years, I made a switch this month to working in Calgary. Really excited to see how this adventure unfolds and what it brings to my world. There have been too many instances in life where I haven’t recognized the opportunities the universe has presented to me, this one it was not about to let me miss. Once I made the decision it was amazing how all of the pieces just slipped into place.

I always ask myself why the resistance, change is something that is inevitable throughout our lifetimes. Not the only one who fights it, the discussion is a common theme with my clients. The answer that presented itself this time was becoming too comfortable in one place and not seeing all the universe had to share with and show me. There is a lot of world and experiences to be had in this lifetime and now I step into a new journey that will bring just that.

What changes is life offering you?
Do you recognize them? Are you resisting them or willing to step out into the unknown?backstrongblog

Something Extra for Mother’s Day Weekend!

We’ve had several requests for duo massages. That is two tables, two practitioners, two massages happening at the same time for couples, mother/daughter, good friends…. So we have added that to our Mother’s Day weekend for Saturday, May 7th.
Cindy Alison of Blu Stone Massage will be joining me at Hand to Health to offer duo massages for those that would like them! We can offer screening between tables or leave the space open…you choose.

What are the benefits of duo massage?

We rarely have the time and energy to fully connect with those we love and care about. Imagine a space filled with serenity and peace, where mind, body and soul are able to relax and restore. Now imagine sharing that energetic space with someone special. You can catch up and visit or just lie quietly and enjoy the energy together. It’s a fabulous setting for all!

Contact me to book your session for Saturday, May 7, 2016! Cindy is only here for the one day and we have limited spaces available so be sure to contact me soon!

Abbotsford Mothers Day Special Gifts

Something Special for Those Who Nurture – Mother’s Day

I thin the title of “mum”or “mother”has different meanings for many. Personally I don’t think it is a role that necessarily has a gender and neither do I think those that are nurtured must be 2 legged. Many choose to not have children but instead to care for their furry 4 leggeds’ instead, or reach out to nurture the children of others, taking a surrogate role. Many men identify with a more maternal nurturing essence in caring for others.

So when I offer specials for Mother’s Day, the definition of who fits that description and who the special are for, is broad and flexible…as they should be. So these are for you, the nurturers and the nurtured!

Specials for Mother's Day in Abbotsford at Hand to Health

Mother's Day at Hand to Health in Abbotsford

Gentle Stretches for Weekend Warriors

Despite it’s title as being for gardeners, this clip that I discovered has really great gentle stretches for most weekend warrior activities. What I like is the information given to work with YOUR body and where it is now in it’s ability and flexibility, and not to push to a point of pain. I would recommend these stretches to my dance students and clients who are more physically active on their time off. It is really well done!