Grateful, Thankful, Blessed

Back to work for post Covid19 closure, for a little less than 2 weeks, and feeling grateful and thankful to those I have the honour to provide sessions to. I am very lucky! Each of you have been thoughtful and patient as together we navigate the required changes in safety and sanitation. It’s made all of it so much easier.





The Mask


Honestly I don’t think any of us enjoys wearing them, but it does add a layer of safety for you and for me. I appreciate that almost all of you have been willing and able to wear one into the clinic and while lying face up.  It’s an exceptional gift you give in doing that. Let me explain…
In my practice I have clients who are not as healthy, and deal with comorbidities that put them at a higher risk for complications, should they be infected with COVID19. When you wear a mask to help keep me safe I have a greater opportunity, along with the other steps that I take, in keeping them safer from infection. That is a gift.
I have a family member that is in long term care and I hope one day to be able to see him again, sooner, rather than later. Your wearing a mask cuts the risk to passing germs on and helps me to move into a position where I may be able to safely visit him. Thank you for that gift. I miss him terribly.

Waiting for your Appointment Date


Your patience has been really appreciated! Because of all of the extra cleaning and disinfecting between each client I am seeing one less client a day. This has meant a delay in when you can come in for a session and I know that some of you have been really hurting during the wait.

Grateful & Blessed


I have certainly missed working with you! My heartfelt gratitude for your patience and understanding. It’s been such a pleasure to see each of you these past few weeks, and be able to help work out some of the kinks that have built up in your muscles these past few months. We both know it’s going to take more than one session but together we’ll get those muscles relaxed and working well! Thank you for trusting me to have the skills to help.

(oh…And the Covid isolation stories, thank you for sharing them! The good, the bad, the painful and the funny ones. It seems we all experienced changes, on different levels, that contributed to our growth and resilience.)

Returning to Sessions after Covid19 ~ Here Is Some of What You Need to Know

For Calgary clients


Massage Therapy & Holistic Sessions are scheduled to be a part of Phase 2 in re-opening businesses in Alberta. Two dates have been given as possibilities June 19th and June 12th. As Calgary’s numbers are higher there may be a delay.

Regardless of when, please be assured that I will be following guidelines issued by my association and AHS (when they become available. So far they include a few changes and you can find more information here. 

Requirements and guidelines are fluid, as is the re-opening date. The best places to keep up to date with my schedule information and booking appointments are; my Facebook page, or on Instagram.

I am really looking forward to seeing you soon!



For Fraser Valley clients


Good News!

BC has already allowed Personal Service businesses to re-open and I will be offering holistic sessions on June 12th, 13th and 14th.

Please read the information at this link and then contact me ( to book your sessions.

Sorry, I am not accepting new clients in the Fraser Valley at this time.

Phase 3 in the Journey – Maintenance and Moving Foward (A Journey Into A Holistic Approach to Discovering Balance During Covid19 – 6)


OK, so you’ve done the work, peeled back layers of your life, like an onion, to discover at least one thing that is no longer working for you. That something is up for change as you create holistic balance in your life. You’ve explored the ways that work for you and hopefully found 2 or 3 that work and you’re in the process of integrating those changes. Now what?
​Integrating changes in your holistic living takes time, patience, focus and practice…and not being hard on yourself when you backslide, and you possibly will.  The habit or belief that you’re wanting to change has been a part of your way of being for how long? It’s difficult to create that kind of change over night.


​You embraced that old belief or practice for days years, perhaps your entire life because it was instilled in you as you grew up. You practiced it regularly and lived by it. Just deciding that it no longer fits doesn’t alone shift the habit, practicing and reminding yourself of your new belief, embracing ways of living that new habit, will help to reinforce it, and eventually it will become as 2nd nature as the old belief.

​Depending on what you’ve chosen to change or if you’ve taken on many different beliefs and practices to shift, the next steps can become a picture into your view of yourself. In committing to do or believe things differently, in a way that serves you better, you may run up against some roadblocks. Do you feel worthy of the change, or do you practice enough self love and self care that you will easily embrace something you know is better for you.  Sometimes those roadblocks mean taking a step back to kindly and lovingly remind yourself of your amazingness.

Discovering ways to Embrace Change

Once again this path finds you on the exploratory part of the journey. You know what you want to change and you’ve committed to making the change but how do you reinforce that change until it becomes habit? Here are some ideas:

~ Look at your day to day schedule, where and how many times can you fit in the practice of this new habit or belief?

~ Affirmations are helpful but you may need to see or hear them regularly. Recording them to play first thing in the morning or at night can impact the subconscious brain. For those visual learners, sticky notes with words or pictures can help. I find placing them on my bathroom mirror helpful as it’s where I look in the morning when getting ready for the day and at night, just before sleep, so my subconscious has that last message before dream time.
~ ​Sometimes a scent can help us. Jasmine is a great tool for learning and helping the mind to retain information, Peppermint will bring that information forward
~ Positive and constructive self talk is helpful when we find ourselves slipping into old patterns. Berating yourself isn’t helpful but using kind and positive words to remind yourself is.

​~ ​Practices such as Reiki, Meditation and Prayer can help us to subconsciously open up to the new habit or belief and embrace it within.

~ ​Do you have a supportive network of people who will help you , cheer you on, remind you of your amazingness and ability to make this change. Your tribe can definitely increase your vibe!

What’s next in Your Journey towards Holistic Balance?


Maintaining your holistic balance is something you do for you. You will, through exploration, find those ways that help you to maintain it. As you embrace and incorporate different habits and beliefs it becomes akin to peeling an onion, you’ll discover other layers and dimensions that you may want to shift and change. It becomes a lifelong journey, but an exciting oneEmbrace who you really are in mind, body and spirit. 

What will Re-opening Look Like After Covid19?

For many it feels like forever since we’ve seen our friends, family, clients and colleagues, but with staying home and keeping everyone safe, we’re now seeing a light at the end of this tunnel.

​The idea of businesses re-opening can be both exciting and scary. With regards to Booking your Massage Therapy or Holistic Sessions, I want to put your mind at ease.


In the province of Alberta, Massage Therapy is unfortunately, an unregulated health profession and therefore is part of Step 2 in the phased re-opening plans for the coming months. While no date has been provided, as they wait to see the impact of Step 1 openings, I suspect end of May to mid-June are likely.

The Mayor of Calgary has indicated that in his view Massage Therapy should be included with the other health professions (physiotherapy, chiropractic…), so whether that will mean an earlier date here in the city is in question. He also indicated that Calgary may move more slowly in re-opening as our number of new cases are high in comparison to other areas of Alberta.

​For my BC clients, I am monitoring the situation in the province as well, and note they mention end of May to end of June as the probable window for re-opening.

As some provinces move faster in re-opening I am paying attention to the requirements by their Health Services and their Associations regarding safety protocols, as well as monitoring the regular updates from my own association. I don’t know what the requirements will be in Alberta and while there may be some additions when they do come out, the following are changes you will notice when coming for your sessions:
  • Denise, whom I share space with, and I, plan to ensure that we limit the number of clients in the space at any given time. We’ll be limiting ourselves to one client each and creating separate and safe distanced waiting areas should the need arise for them.
  • Between each client we will be boosting disinfecting of all the areas within the space, as we were before I was mandated to stop working.
  • I will be booking 30 minutes in between clients rather than 15 to ensure time to completely sanitize the treatment room, bathroom and any other areas required, as well as to limit clients exposure to each other. This may not apply for those clients in the same household who have back to back appointments as they are already exposed to each other. There will still be time in between your sessions to completely sanitize.
  • The majority of soft surfaces have been removed from my treatment room, leaving only those that I can remove and wash in between each client. There will be a vinyl barrier placed between the bed warmer and sheets so that it can be disinfected between each client.
  • As has always been the case, all the linens used for each client will be completely changed for the next one. Used linens are not stored in the treatment room, that won’t change. Fresh clean linens are not stored in the treatment room either, that won’t change.
  • I will be wearing a mask for your protection and will have some on hand should you wish to wear one, though, it won’t be a requirement.
  • Over my clothes will be an apron or gown that covers anything that may come into contact with clients and that will be changed between each client.
  • As always, I will be using individual oil containers for each client that are washed with hot, soapy water prior to being refilled.
  • When you arrive I’ll be screening with a few questions and ask that upon your arrival and after your session that you wash your hands. There will also be hand sanitizer available for you should you wish to use it.
  • I thoroughly wash my hands before and after each session as well as after changing the linens on the table, that won’t change.
  • Blankets will be removed from the room and replaced with flannel sheets that are more easily washed between each client, there will be extras if you’re cold. I can also turn up the temperature on the bed heater if you wish.
  • An air purifier will be in the room and running throughout the day, there will also be a small room heater with hepa filter so the room can be warmed if you find that you’re cold.
  • I realize that a number of clients with asthma and other sensitivities find harsh chemical cleaners really irritating, I do as well. I will be using disinfectants, approved by Health Canada that are unscented and as natural as possible. I have a list from other Massage Therapists of what they use and am currently investigating them.
  • For my BC clients, I will send you a separate list prior to coming to share sessions with you that will be based on the requirements of Health Services in the province. It will include most of the above, however there may be additions. We have to wait and see.
I know that this sounds like a lot! And very technical, but rest assured that you will receive the same great treatments. As scientists discover more about the COVID19 virus I am sure that we’ll have more answers as to how we can remain safe. It’s fascinating to see the world collaboration as the best minds investigate and explore.


My wish for you is that you are staying healthy and well. I miss seeing you and providing treatments, and really look forward to when I can safely re-open.

If you have questions or wish to be added to the intial call list once I do start seeing clients, please don’t hesitate to contact me.