Quieting Your Space

Life is BUSY!

Would anybody disagree with that?

And as the world seems to speed up, our lives become increasingly chaotic and overwhelming, we’re constantly on the run as we try to fit a million things to do into shorter amounts of time…it feels like its spinning out of control

Don’t let yourself get drawn down that dark hole!

It is relatively easy to create a physical space, that as you pass by it, catch a glimpse of it, it’s simplicity and beauty cause your mind and senses to pause for a moment. It’s why I keep what is in my clinic rooms at a minimal…an uncluttered, peaceful and relaxing space = an uncluttered, peaceful and relaxed mind. I hope to see clients achieve that state of mind during the time they’re with me, many of them refer to my session rooms as their sanctuary from life for awhile…really, isn’t it one thing that we’re all trying to find?

Creating the space can be simple, actually the more simplistic the better. It doesn’t have to be large or fancy but it does need to be your space. A space that requires nothing of you, where there is nothing to “look after”, where you can stop, disengage your mind, breathe in the peace and just let go.

Find a place in your home where you can create this space for yourself, remove everything that is currently filling it up… clean it and then breathe. Bring back into this space only things that you love. Items that soften and relax all the 5 senses; scents that are reflective of positive memories, textures that soothe your skin, sounds that are gentle…

You don’t have to spend great lengths of time in this space, but you will find that you will be wanting to. The more time you spend in your sacred quiet space to rest your mind, body and spirit and breathe, the more connected you will find yourself becoming with the sacred space that is you.

I’ve created an additional space for you…my clients…

I would like to, as the weather becomes warmer, invite you to not rush back into your hectic schedule after your Fort Langley sessions with me. Instead I would like to invite you to take a glass of water find a comfortable chair on the deck and relax further, before you go back to “life as usual”. The deck is covered and comfortable and the view spectacular…however I cannot promise that the birds and squirrels won’t visit with you (from their cautious distance), that the horses in the back field won’t be running around and whickering, or that the kids next door won’t be bubbling over with laughter as they play……

Where do you find spaces that quiet your mind? Can you visit them everyday?