Phase 3 in the Journey – Maintenance and Moving Foward (A Journey Into A Holistic Approach to Discovering Balance During Covid19 – 6)


OK, so you’ve done the work, peeled back layers of your life, like an onion, to discover at least one thing that is no longer working for you. That something is up for change as you create holistic balance in your life. You’ve explored the ways that work for you and hopefully found 2 or 3 that work and you’re in the process of integrating those changes. Now what?
​Integrating changes in your holistic living takes time, patience, focus and practice…and not being hard on yourself when you backslide, and you possibly will.  The habit or belief that you’re wanting to change has been a part of your way of being for how long? It’s difficult to create that kind of change over night.


​You embraced that old belief or practice for days years, perhaps your entire life because it was instilled in you as you grew up. You practiced it regularly and lived by it. Just deciding that it no longer fits doesn’t alone shift the habit, practicing and reminding yourself of your new belief, embracing ways of living that new habit, will help to reinforce it, and eventually it will become as 2nd nature as the old belief.

​Depending on what you’ve chosen to change or if you’ve taken on many different beliefs and practices to shift, the next steps can become a picture into your view of yourself. In committing to do or believe things differently, in a way that serves you better, you may run up against some roadblocks. Do you feel worthy of the change, or do you practice enough self love and self care that you will easily embrace something you know is better for you.  Sometimes those roadblocks mean taking a step back to kindly and lovingly remind yourself of your amazingness.

Discovering ways to Embrace Change

Once again this path finds you on the exploratory part of the journey. You know what you want to change and you’ve committed to making the change but how do you reinforce that change until it becomes habit? Here are some ideas:

~ Look at your day to day schedule, where and how many times can you fit in the practice of this new habit or belief?

~ Affirmations are helpful but you may need to see or hear them regularly. Recording them to play first thing in the morning or at night can impact the subconscious brain. For those visual learners, sticky notes with words or pictures can help. I find placing them on my bathroom mirror helpful as it’s where I look in the morning when getting ready for the day and at night, just before sleep, so my subconscious has that last message before dream time.
~ ​Sometimes a scent can help us. Jasmine is a great tool for learning and helping the mind to retain information, Peppermint will bring that information forward
~ Positive and constructive self talk is helpful when we find ourselves slipping into old patterns. Berating yourself isn’t helpful but using kind and positive words to remind yourself is.

​~ ​Practices such as Reiki, Meditation and Prayer can help us to subconsciously open up to the new habit or belief and embrace it within.

~ ​Do you have a supportive network of people who will help you , cheer you on, remind you of your amazingness and ability to make this change. Your tribe can definitely increase your vibe!

What’s next in Your Journey towards Holistic Balance?


Maintaining your holistic balance is something you do for you. You will, through exploration, find those ways that help you to maintain it. As you embrace and incorporate different habits and beliefs it becomes akin to peeling an onion, you’ll discover other layers and dimensions that you may want to shift and change. It becomes a lifelong journey, but an exciting oneEmbrace who you really are in mind, body and spirit. 

It’s All About the Hips

Healthy, painfree hips give us a lot of movement options. Massage Therapy helps

​​The Hips are amazing ball joints created through the union of bones, muscles, tendons, ligaments and fascia of the upper leg and pelvis. A major weight bearing joint for the body, the Hip allows for great range of motion for our legs, when we look after it.
Hips need to be stretched during the day if you sit for long periods.Extended periods of sitting can lead to tight hip flexors and gluteal muscles

​​Probably the hip issues that I find clients dealing with the most are a result of not enough stretching of thigh, gluteal and low back muscles. Sitting at a desk day after day, standing for long periods, driving… can all contribute to contraction and tightness of the muscles surrounding the Hips. Massage Therapy and stretching can help to loosen and maintain flexiblity through the Hips and allow for easy, painless, movement.

​An important tip to remember: Bones don’t move the body, Muscles move the bones that move the body. This is particularly noticeable in Hip movements.
Massage Therapy is beneficial for keeping hips flexible and pain freeThe muscles around the hip need to be stretched before and after work outs

​When a muscle is overworked, tight and restricted without being given adequate rest, stretching and nutrition, or is injured, it will begin to limit the movements of our joints or cause pain in those movements. Swelling, inflammation, spasm, fatigue, injury… all can lead to muscles that just will not work without pain or only work within a limited range of motion. As the condition becomes worse so does the pain, while range of motion becomes more and more limited. While true for all joints, as a Massage Therapist I see this happen more commonly in the shoulder and the Hip.
The Hips Cradle Emotion

Hips the junk drawer of emotion eased with Massage TherapyAre the Hips holding emotions?

​Our Hips are also said to cradle and hold emotions. Some yoga instructors refer to the pelvis and hips as the “junk drawer of emotions” for the body. When stressed or feeling threatened our “fight or flight” response may have us jumping into action. Or if receiving bad news we curl forward towards the fetal position. Our body has an instinctual reflex to clench the deep muscles and sometimes doesn’t let go even after trauma or emotional experiences are over.
Massage Therapy helps to loosen muscles & release emotions.Massage Therapy helps to loosen muscles & release emotions

​You may have noticed when you perform deep stretches or when having your Hips massaged that emotions well up unexpectedly. This is normal. On the otherside, when the muscles have loosened, you will often feel lighter and more relaxed.

​Stretching and Massage Therapy are really great ways to ensure your Hips stay healthy, flexible, relaxed, and move easily and without pain.

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Dedicated Time For Your Holistic Health



Good communication ensures better treatment sessions for you

​After 25 years I’ve discovered there is an area of my practice where I haven’t communicated with clients clearly enough and lately it has caused some confusion. The thing about being in practice for so long is I think I assume some things that I shouldn’t and it takes a few miscommunications for me to realize…ahhh, it’s really clear…but only in my head…lol
The Time You’ve Booked – what’s included

Good Assessment techniques ensure a great Massage Therapy session

With each session that you come for you’ll notice from the start that I ask you questions about how you’re doing that day, what’s going on and how is it affecting you. I may test your muscle movements to help determine which muscles are affected, what causes you pain, or what isn’t moving as well as it should.

All of this ensures that I provide you with a treatment that addresses what is going on for you, whether it’s Reiki, Massage Therapy, Reflexology or Craniosacral Therapy… Thorough assessment ensures that each session is dedicated to your specific health and wellness goals.

Massage Therapy for Pain and Injury with Teresa Graham, RMT in Calgary NW​During a session, if needed, I will ask you about your comfort level with pressure, if something I’m doing is worsening symptoms or if your positioning is comfortable for you. I really want to ensure that you get the most from your session.
At the end of the session, based on the work we’ve done together I will likely suggest after treatment self-care, stretches or movements to continue at home to increase your well-being. I may re-test your muscle and joint movements to ensure that the treatment has done the work that is needed.

There is also time for any questions that may come up for you before, during and after your session. Whenever you feel the need to ask.

Why Assessment, Testing and Home Self-care?

Communication during your session ensures better treatment for you

​There is a good reason for all of the pre-treatment questions, assessment, muscle testing and discussion. While I may see 5 people in the same day that are dealing with neck and back pain, you are an individual and it is affecting you in a unique way. I’m not going to treat you like the other people I’ve seen, but instead I will address your specific treatment needs. That’s what makes Holistic Health amazing! Holistic Health recognizes that each individual is affected by and deals with mind, body and spirit issues in their own way and treatments must address that.

Read, Review and Ask

Holistic Health Intake Forms for Individualized Sessions

Before you come in for your session I have taken time to review notes from your previous session or have read the intake forms that you’ve completed online. By taking the time to read and review I’m ready with any questions I may have to fill in gaps or to ask about any changes since your last session.

As you can imagine, when seeing 5 or 6 people each day, symptoms and injuries could be mixed up and that is why I want to ensure that I have a clear picture about you and what we’re working on together.

Why Isn’t Your 60 Minute Session a Full 60 minutes of treatment?

Unique, individualized holistic sessionsWell, because of all of the above. Your treatment time begins the moment you arrive in my treatment room and part of your treatment is the assessment and home self-care.

From the moment you enter my treatment room I am laser focused on meeting your treatment needs and I can’t do that effectively without including assessment and self-care. I guess that I could, but I won’t. For 25 years I have focused on providing the best of myself for your sessions, that isn’t going to change.

It has been mentioned that I don’t offer “cookie cutter” treatments, but instead meet the individualized needs of each client. I’m pretty fussy about that.

Why Are You Charged if You Don’t Show For Your Appointment, or Cancel Without 24 Hours Notice?

Time for your appointment? Teresa Graham, RMT in Calgary NW VarsityI value your time, I also value my time. Even if you don’t show up for your appointment, I have prepared for you. The room has been set up, I’ve reviewed your file and I’ve set the time aside for you. By providing less than 24 hours notice or not showing up for your session I don’t have the time to fill that space that has been set aside just for you.

Time in between each appointment is allocated to changing linens, having some water, writing or reviewing treatment notes and ensuring everything is set up for the next appointment. Your appointment begins at the time that it was booked for and ends at the allocated time, even if you’re late. If you’re a few minutes early it ensures that you receive the full allocated time that has been booked for assessment, treatment and re-assessment.


There are never too many and there are none that are dumb or stupid. I hope that you feel you can ask whatever questions you have. Our clear communication is really important to me.

Massage Therapy & Holistic Sessions in Varsity in Calgary

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