A Special Valentine’s at Hand to Health – Relax!

Something Special for YOU for Valentine’s Day!

Bring your partner, friend, family member (any special someone to you) for a very special massage as I team up
with Cindy Bernicot from Blu Stone Massage
to offer couple’s sessions OR enjoy a massage just for yourself given in tandem by 2 practitioners

Book in for your special appointment on
Saturday, Feb.14th between 10 and 5 (3spaces left)
A 50% deposit is required at time of booking to hold your space

Choose 1 of the following: 

Couple’s Massage
You will each receive a 1 1/2 hour relaxation massage with essential oils added (or unscented if you prefer)
The fireplace will be lit, candles glowing, soft music playing, 
Plus a take home gift that includes Bathsalts, mini Champagne, candles and flowers!

Cost per couple $210.00
You can have your tables side by side or have dividers up for privacy, it’s up to you.


4 Hands Massage

You will receive a 1 1/2 hour relaxation massage with essential oils added (or unscented if you prefer) given by both practitioners working in tandem. 4 hands smoothing out the achy sore muscles!
The fireplace lit, candles glowing, soft music playing and a take home gift!

Cost $155.00


November’s Good for YOU Specials…Making YOU a Priority!

Are you ready?

As this month moves towards the “This I Do For Me” event happening on November 23rd, the holistically healthy specials this month are about YOU!

The massage table warmer is plugged in, the fireplace turned up and the candles are lit…and that is just setting the atmosphere for your quiet oasis at the Abbotsford clinic.

There are 2 specials this month…I encourage you to try them both! Picture

** Special 1 **
Enjoy two hours of stress busting bliss!
This pampering treat combines: ~ Relaxation Massage with immune building essential oils (or unscented if you prefer)
~ Reiki to begin and end the session with…just breathe!
~ Scalp & Face Massage with nourishing oils
(plus gst)

Picture** Special 2**
Take an hour to put your feet up by the fire, close your eyes and just receive!
A soothing treat that includes:
~ Hand and lower arm Massage
~ Lower Leg and Foot Massage
~ Nourishing and natural lotion (scented or unscented)
$ 75 (plus gst)

**November’s Specials must be booked and received between Oct.31 & Nov.23, 2014. Gift certificates or any other discounts coupons can not be used towards monthly health session specials**

Belly Oils

The last in the belly series, here are some recipes just for tummy rubs.

When massaging your abdomen be gentle with yourself, massage in the direction that your organs digest your food in and don’t overdo it. If you’re not sure, have a session with a massage therapist first so that they can show you the “how tos” for yourself and members of your  family.

Please be sure to read some of the warnings regarding essential oils at the bottom of the post and I highly recommend that you add some essential oil books to your library that provide the benefits of the oils, ways to use them, when not to use them, how to test for allergic reactions… I’ve listed some of my favourites below.

Essential Oil Recipes for Tummy upsets, scars and appetites

These recipes were created with pure therapeutic grade essential oils

To help your Digestion

1 oz of carrier oil blended with 4 drops Basil, 3 drops Rosemary, 3 drops Thyme, 1 drop Ginger and 1 drop Peppermint.
Gently massage over the abdominal area as needed but not to be used more than twice a day.

To Stimulate your Appetite

1/2 oz of carrier oil, 4 drops Basil, 4 drops Orange, 3 drops Coriander. Blend, breathe in and massage over your abdominal area.

To Suppress your Appetite

1/2 oz of carrier oil, 10 drops Fennel, 5 drops Bergamot. Blend and breathe in! You can also massage over your belly.


30ml of a lotion base, 1 drop Helichrysum, 3 drops Frankincense, 1 drop Neroli, 2 drops Chamomile. Blend and massage into visible scars and you’ll begin to notice they fade.

Momma’s Belly Oil Blend (helps to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy)

30 ml carrier oil, 15 ml Wheatgerm oil, 5 drops Carrotseed, 7 drops Rose, 6 drops Lavender, 5 drops Tangerine. You can also add a few drops of Vitamin E to this oil. Blend and massage into belly daily.


Carrier oils: my favourite is Sweet Almond Oil. Jojoba Oil is also very good for the skin. If you don’t like the oily residue find a vegetable based natural lotion at a health food store that carries body care products.

Light sensitive: Citrus oils such as Orange, Bergamot and Neroli are photosensitive and it is not recommended that you use them before going out into the sun.

Skin sensitive:  While they may be all natural you can still have allergies to them. Be sure to test blends on a small portion of the skin and watch for any redness or swelling in the area over 12 hours before applying all over.

Contra-indications: some oils are not safe for some conditions, especially pregnancy. Be sure to check your essential oil reference guide to ensure you’re using essential oils that are safe for you.

Suggested Reading – These are my Essential Oil favourites!

The Fragrant Pharmacy by Valerie Ann Worwood – an excellent guide to essential oils and their safe use for all family members, including pets.
The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Essential Oils by Julia Lawless – a guide to using the oils in Aromatherapy and Herbalism
Complete Aromatherapy Handbook by Susanne Fischer-Rizzi – I love this book, the stories and histories of the oils as well as ways in which to use them.

Sometimes just a whiff of a calming scent can settle the emotions that upset our stomach…what are your favourites?