Something Special for Those Who Nurture – Mother’s Day

I thin the title of “mum”or “mother”has different meanings for many. Personally I don’t think it is a role that necessarily has a gender and neither do I think those that are nurtured must be 2 legged. Many choose to not have children but instead to care for their furry 4 leggeds’ instead, or reach out to nurture the children of others, taking a surrogate role. Many men identify with a more maternal nurturing essence in caring for others.

So when I offer specials for Mother’s Day, the definition of who fits that description and who the special are for, is broad and flexible…as they should be. So these are for you, the nurturers and the nurtured!

Specials for Mother's Day in Abbotsford at Hand to Health

Mother's Day at Hand to Health in Abbotsford


Spring 2016 REIKI Classes in Abbotsford

Reiki Classes in Abbotsford

Healing Hips…A Session for Every Woman!

The Hips…such a key area for so many aspects of a woman’s life! Holistic Massage for Women in Abbotsford
Physically they take the weight of our upper body and help us to move in so many directions. Emotionally they are the body’s junk drawer as they carry our stress and unresolved emotions.

An amazing network of muscles, ligaments, bones, the root chakra and our nurturing energy it is said the hips cradle the soul.
A good hip massage opens up our movement, relieves stress on our lower back and allows us to move more freely while also releasing the build up of stress. Our root chakra feels more grounded and stable as energy flows unrestricted.

Hip Massage Special for Every Woman in Abbotsford

Historically Healthy Feet

There is nothing new about Reflexology…

Way way back in the early early days, long before shoes and foot coverings, humans were much healthier.

Before forcing them into shoes our feet came into contact with the uneven surfaces of the earth and through that developed flexible, strong muscles. As humans walked through grass, climbed over rocks, squished mud between their toes and let the oceans water wash their feet they had a sole to soul connection with the heartbeat of Mother Earth … and our beings resonated with that. We experienced ongoing stimulation to the nerve endings in our feet which balanced and benefited the entire body. 

Our body’s walking tools are our main points (outside of our hands) of contact with the outside world, they are our source of mobility, balance and grounding. Some ancient civilizations believed that the feet were the portals to our souls, certainly they are ongoing doorways to the earth’s grounding energy.

While believed to have originated in Greece the earliest known recording of Reflexology dates back to Egypt some 4,000 years ago.

English: Description: It is a wall painting fo...

English: Description: It is a wall painting found in the tomb of the highest official after the Pharaoh – Ankhmahor. The tomb is also known as the physicians tomb. Therefore it suggests that what the people in the painting is doing must be somewhat related to health, therefore it is suspected that they are practising the early version of reflexology. This wall painting is dated back to 2330 B.C. Source: Copy from Here (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Illustrations depicting the stimulation of specific points on the hands and feet were discovered around 2,300 BC on the walls of a Physicians tomb in Egypt. Written in hieroglyphics above the painting are the words “Do not let it be painful”, and the physician replies “I do as you will praise me”.In the 4th century BC Chinese physician Dr Wang Wei maintained that pressure applied to the soles of the feet released healing energies in the patients body. When we walked barefoot upon the earth its uneven surfaces and textures supplied that needed pressure.

English: Foot reflexology is a "pressure ...

English: Foot reflexology is a “pressure therapy” and involves applying focused pressure to certain known reflex points located in the foot to cure or prevent disease. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In the 1930’s physiotherapist Eunice Ingram, through ongoing research and working with hundreds of patients, discovered that the nerve reflexes on the feet are a mirror image of all the organs, glands and parts of the body.

Through this research she charted the map of the feet reflexes according to the anatomical model. She also effectively proved that alternating pressure has a stimulating effect on the body.  In 1938 she published her findings in her very popular book “Stories The Feet Can Tell”.

Since then Reflexology has continued to undergo scientific studies showing positive results and proving its benefits … really a good Reflexology session imitates that of  walking naturally on different, uneven surfaces….as our ancestors used to in that time before shoes.

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