Phase 3 in the Journey – Maintenance and Moving Foward (A Journey Into A Holistic Approach to Discovering Balance During Covid19 – 6)


OK, so you’ve done the work, peeled back layers of your life, like an onion, to discover at least one thing that is no longer working for you. That something is up for change as you create holistic balance in your life. You’ve explored the ways that work for you and hopefully found 2 or 3 that work and you’re in the process of integrating those changes. Now what?
​Integrating changes in your holistic living takes time, patience, focus and practice…and not being hard on yourself when you backslide, and you possibly will.  The habit or belief that you’re wanting to change has been a part of your way of being for how long? It’s difficult to create that kind of change over night.


​You embraced that old belief or practice for days years, perhaps your entire life because it was instilled in you as you grew up. You practiced it regularly and lived by it. Just deciding that it no longer fits doesn’t alone shift the habit, practicing and reminding yourself of your new belief, embracing ways of living that new habit, will help to reinforce it, and eventually it will become as 2nd nature as the old belief.

​Depending on what you’ve chosen to change or if you’ve taken on many different beliefs and practices to shift, the next steps can become a picture into your view of yourself. In committing to do or believe things differently, in a way that serves you better, you may run up against some roadblocks. Do you feel worthy of the change, or do you practice enough self love and self care that you will easily embrace something you know is better for you.  Sometimes those roadblocks mean taking a step back to kindly and lovingly remind yourself of your amazingness.

Discovering ways to Embrace Change

Once again this path finds you on the exploratory part of the journey. You know what you want to change and you’ve committed to making the change but how do you reinforce that change until it becomes habit? Here are some ideas:

~ Look at your day to day schedule, where and how many times can you fit in the practice of this new habit or belief?

~ Affirmations are helpful but you may need to see or hear them regularly. Recording them to play first thing in the morning or at night can impact the subconscious brain. For those visual learners, sticky notes with words or pictures can help. I find placing them on my bathroom mirror helpful as it’s where I look in the morning when getting ready for the day and at night, just before sleep, so my subconscious has that last message before dream time.
~ ​Sometimes a scent can help us. Jasmine is a great tool for learning and helping the mind to retain information, Peppermint will bring that information forward
~ Positive and constructive self talk is helpful when we find ourselves slipping into old patterns. Berating yourself isn’t helpful but using kind and positive words to remind yourself is.

​~ ​Practices such as Reiki, Meditation and Prayer can help us to subconsciously open up to the new habit or belief and embrace it within.

~ ​Do you have a supportive network of people who will help you , cheer you on, remind you of your amazingness and ability to make this change. Your tribe can definitely increase your vibe!

What’s next in Your Journey towards Holistic Balance?


Maintaining your holistic balance is something you do for you. You will, through exploration, find those ways that help you to maintain it. As you embrace and incorporate different habits and beliefs it becomes akin to peeling an onion, you’ll discover other layers and dimensions that you may want to shift and change. It becomes a lifelong journey, but an exciting oneEmbrace who you really are in mind, body and spirit. 

Seeing Your Massage & Holistic Therapist ~ The Top 5 Reasons for 2019

During 2019 I saw a number of clients in both Calgary and the Fraser Valley for a number of reasons. They brought some similiar issues to the treatment room for us to address.

The main problem being tackled (which displayed itself through symptoms) was a feeling of life being too much, too busy, too much to do, too much to take care of, too many places to get to… Too much was a common theme.

Here are the top 5, plus how we worked together to resolve them:

#5 Holistic Maintenance Sessions

Massage Therapy for well-being with Teresa Graham, RMT in Calgary NWRegular maintenance sessions are good for the body!

I have to admit that I was really excited to see Maintenance as a priority with many clients this year. Not really an “issue” but a really positive step. Many were taking the view that Massage Therapy and Holistic sessions are not just a luxury, but instead an essential regular part of maintaining mind/body wellness. 

In the past, so many clients wait to book in when they are at an overwhelmed breaking point or the ongoing pain has become intolerable. More and more though, are realizing the benefits of regular sessions, to ensure their body is feeling good the majority of the time, and they are more able to deal with life’s stressors as they come up.

Maintenance appointments were across the board for therapies including Massage Therapy, Reiki Treatments, Craniosacral Therapy, Indian Head Massage and Reflexology.

Massage Therapy and Holistic Sessions with Teresa Graham, RMT in Calgary NW

Booking regular maintenance sessions ensures feeling better, being able to deal with life stressors more easily and a stronger immune system

#4 Back, Neck and Shoulder Pain

Massage Therapy for Neck pain in Calgary NW with Massage Therapist Teresa Graham, RMTMassage Therapy helps to release tight neck muscles.

Technology is wonderful BUT it is really hard on the body. For those sitting at desk jobs working on computer all day, students studying, or those with more physical daily tasks, the upper body muscles seem to suffer the most through the past year.

Many mentioned their posture at work as well as repetitive strain issues with daily tasks. Massage Therapy was the  number one choice for dealing with pain through the back, neck and shoulders. Included with those sessions was passive stretching to encourage muscle flexibility. Plus we often had discussions about stretching at home along with ideas for better posture so that muscles are not over strained.

I did notice that those coming for regular Massage Therapy sessions through the year mentioned that they experienced less pain and fewer issues with headaches, carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms and enjoyed better sleep.

#3 Anxiety, Depression, Overwhelm, and feeling Disconnected

Depression, Anxiety, Overwhelm can be helped with Reiki in CalgaryNW with Teresa Graham, Reiki Master

While a number of clients would end their list of what is bringing discord into their lives with a statement of “well others have it worse, so I shouldn’t complain”, I was quietly thinking “Wow, you are really dealing with A LOT!”

So many have so much on their plates that it’s not surprising that the mind just can not keep up, and in it’s attempts to do so, becomes overwhelmed with feelings of anxiety and depression. Honestly, I don’t think many people are realistic about just how much the body and mind can take. As a society we are pushing ourselves way beyond our elastic limits.

For too long we’ve pushed those feelings aside, jumped up after trauma to “soldier on”, lived in our whirling minds of getting “it” done and feeling disconnected from our body, and trying to pretend that everything is fine, while we’re actually falling apart.  It can be scary to allow yourself to fall apart, but it can actually create space for things to fall into place.

I witnessed a greater increase in those asking about and experiencing Reiki and Craniosacral Therapy. During those sessions clients experienced a full 60 minutes of peace, loving energy and unwinding.

Taking that time to get quiet left many saying that they felt clearer, stronger and were heading home to think more on what they needed to let go of and the steps they were going to take to put their well-being first…  It was amazing to be a part of those journeys through the year.

#2 Headaches

Headache relief naturally with Massage Therapy in Calgary NW, Calgary RMTNatural headache relief with Massage Therapy, Craniosacral Therapy and Indian Head Massage

Whether tension or migraine there seems to be more and more people dealing with regular headaches. Caused by stress, weather changes, computer screen posture, hormonal imbalances with menstrual cycles and menopause…headaches were causing pain through the day, sleepless nights and feelings of fatigue and nausea.

Treatment choices included Massage Therapy, Craniosacral Therapy and Indian Head Massage. All wonderful for creating relaxation and releasing muscle tension, these therapies also increase blood flow to the brain, encourage the release of “feel good” hormones and ease pain.

#1 Stress


The  most frequent reason clients booked in for sessions was Stress. Stress that was chronic, overwhelming and causing considerable issues, both physical and emotional. Life has just become too much! To much to do, to take care of, to deal with… Deadlines, bill payments, exams, school activities…

Clients booked for Massage Therapy to help release the tension in the muscles that were holding tight and to get the natural space back between the ears and the shoulders (no, they shouldn’t be attached to each other). Encouraging overall relaxation so that your stomach will release some of the knots was another reason for Massage.

Reiki sessions were popular to help ease the insomnia that was a symptom of stress. A session to help with deep relaxation in a quiet space. Where the thoughts stop whirling, the breath comes more deeply  and evenly, and life feels more in balance.

Craniosacral Therapy to help the fascia that has become tightly bound and to begin an unwinding process, allowing the whole body to just open up and breathe.

Reflexology because many found it encouraged the entire body to completely relax. Relaxation to the point of falling asleep on the table!

So what would be your reason for booking a Massage Therapy or Holistic session in 2019 and moving forward into the New Year?

Autumn Massage Sessions ~ The Healthy Benefits

The colder weather is definitely upon us and the season has quickly changed from Summer to Fall. Did you know that Massage Therapy can help you to easily transition between the seasons? There are so many benefits to receiving an Autumn Massage, here are just a few…

Massage Therapy Helps Relieve Anxiety, Depression and SAD

Massage Therapy with Teresa Graham RMT for Anxiety, Depression, SAD in Calgary

Ease Anxiety, Depression and SAD with regular Massage sessions

​Back to school, sports, indoor activities, the ‘9 to 5’, family holiday gatherings… all of these happenings are good, but they can leave you feeling overwhelmed and fatigued. Decreasing amounts of sunshine and daylight begin to take a toll on your mind and your spirit. Anxiety and Depression increase and can lead to exhaustion.

Massage Therapy helps to naturally balance your hormones. Lowering the release of cortisol (the stress hormone) while increasing serotonin (a mood stabilizer) and dopamine levels (helps to battle depression and increases clarity and focus).

Your Massage Therapy appointment gives your mind and body a “time out”. This is a great opportunity to rejuvenate and re-energize so that you can keep your life on track

Massage Therapy is a Natural Immune System Booster

This time of year we spend more time indoors and often in the close company of others, an optimal scenario for the spread of viruses. Preventative action can help you to stay healthy.

​Massage Therapy helps to boost your body’s white blood cell activity, which strengthens your immune system. It also helps you to sleep better, which always goes hand to hand with staying healthier.

Get a Better Nights Sleep with Massage

Massage Therapy brings better sleep with Teresa Graham RMT in Calgary

Sleep better after your Massage Therapy session

A good nights sleep leads to better health, eases depression and is a time for your body to kick into it’s innate self-healing mode. Massage Therapy helps to boost serotonin and melatonin production which are key hormones for regulating your sleep cycle.

Massage as a Stress Buster

Massage Therapy for Stress with Teresa Graham RMT in Calgary

Ease Stress with Massage

When stressed our heart rate and blood pressure increase and muscles become tense and tight. Massage Therapy will help to release your shoulders from your ears, lower your heart rate and decrease blood pressure. In a more relaxed state your stress becomes more manageable.

Reduce Pain and Inflammation with Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy for Arthritis in NW Calgary with Teresa Graham RMT

Good for Arthritis, Massage Therapy eases joint and muscle pain

Colder weather often brings an increase in muscle and joint pain, especially for those who deal with arthritis. Back to school/study/computer posture places more stress and tension on the muscles of the neck, back and shoulders which can lead to increased headaches, jaw tightness and muscle pain.

A Massage Therapy session increases blood flow to muscles, joints and connective tissues while helping to ease inflammation. Greater blood flow and reduced muscle tension eases stress on joints so that they are able to move more freely and with reduced pain. Massage helps to loosen the strained muscles that can become tense with studying as well as increased computer and desk time. Through releasing muscle tension the body moves into it’s better, more natural posture resulting in fewer headaches, joint pains and neck strain.



Something Special for Those Who Nurture – Mother’s Day

I thin the title of “mum”or “mother”has different meanings for many. Personally I don’t think it is a role that necessarily has a gender and neither do I think those that are nurtured must be 2 legged. Many choose to not have children but instead to care for their furry 4 leggeds’ instead, or reach out to nurture the children of others, taking a surrogate role. Many men identify with a more maternal nurturing essence in caring for others.

So when I offer specials for Mother’s Day, the definition of who fits that description and who the special are for, is broad and flexible…as they should be. So these are for you, the nurturers and the nurtured!

Specials for Mother's Day in Abbotsford at Hand to Health

Mother's Day at Hand to Health in Abbotsford