Reiki Classes in Abbotsford, November 2016


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Gentle Stretches for Weekend Warriors

Despite it’s title as being for gardeners, this clip that I discovered has really great gentle stretches for most weekend warrior activities. What I like is the information given to work with YOUR body and where it is now in it’s ability and flexibility, and not to push to a point of pain. I would recommend these stretches to my dance students and clients who are more physically active on their time off. It is really well done!

Treats for your Feet ~ Sept.24 to 28

Brooklyn Museum - Foot Bath - John R. Frazier ...

Are your feet hesitant to move out of sandals and back into shoes? Let’s do something to make it easier!

 Something Special for your Feet Sept. 24 to 28, 2013

Your session begins with an Aromatherapy Foot Bath to which detoxifying mineral salts have been added. Time for you to sit back, enjoy the peaceful atmosphere, sip some water and let the relaxation begin!

Next, sit back in comfort and enjoy a Knee to Toe Massage OR a Foot Reflexology session

And Finally, allow your skin to hydrate as moisturizing lotion is massaged into your muscles from knees to toes, then wrapped up in a soft and cozy towel. Take some time to sit a little longer, relax a little further and sip some hydrating water

Langley ~ Sept. 24th, 26th & 28th
Chilliwack ~ Sept. 25th & 27th


Only $50 (plus gst)
(regularly $75) 
A 32% saving!
Book Early 

2 September Specials for a Healthier YOU!





Is your Spine in alignment? Shoulders, hips and ears level? Ankle, Knee, Hip, Shoulder and Ear all in line?
If not you are probably experiencing pain and imbalance due to muscular distortion.  Spinal Touch can help with that! Muscular distortion pulls on the joints, over stretches tendons and puts pressure on your organs.
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September Threesome Special
Click here for information about sessions and why the Threesome Treatment is the best way to get the most from Spinal Touch
**Reg. $135 Sept. Special $110 (plus gst). To receive the September special price your sessions must be booked on days that optimize results…please ask.
**Touch-up special for those who have already had their initial 3…. $37 (plus gst)


September’s Back to School Special for all the Students of “Life”

Massaging the IT Band to reduce muscular tension on both the hip and knee joints

Stretch & Massage Back to school, work, raking leaves, texting, typing, canning…just may mean that you are going to be using your muscles in a new and different way and there is a special for that!
Enjoy a Relaxation Massage with Muscle Stretching to back, neck, shoulders, arms and hands PLUS Indian Head Massage (no oil) for that hard working mind.
An hour plus a quarter of bliss for only $75.00 (plus gst) (Add oil to champissage for an additional $7)


** Please Note: September Specials must be booked & received between Sept. 1 & 30, 2013. Gift Certificates may not be used towards or purchased for monthly health session specials.


Be sure to visit my updated website with new workshops and special new events for Autumn 2013 at !

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Rejuvenating Reiki in July

Hands of light

The month of July is all about Reiki with Healthy session specials, classes and an upcoming crystal grid workshop!

What is Reiki? (click to read more)



The bursting of summer light always increases my mindfulness of Reiki and it’s beautiful, warm energies…something we can all attune to.

July’s Health Session Special

The Reiki Series

An ancient Japanese healing art, Reiki has a profound effect on balancing your inner and outer energies, healing Mind, Body & Spirit.

The best way to effect a change in our physical and emotional well-being through Reiki is to have 3 to 4 sessions close together, optimally over 3 to 4 days. While the optimal doesn’t fit into everybody’s busy schedule the following Reiki specials are designed to work for YOU!

Special #1 ~ The single Reiki session for the month of July enjoy your session for only $60 (plus gst)

Special #2 ~ Clear out the old and set up and reaffirm the new with The Threesome: 3 Reiki sessions for $155 (plus gst)

Special #3 ~ Because they go so well together and clients love this…The Reiki Massage: Combining Relaxation Massage and Reiki energy for 1 1/2 hours of harmonious bliss. $95 (plus gst)

Your session(s) must be booked and received between July 1st and August 15, 2013. Gift Certificates may not be used towards or purchased for monthly sessions.

Reiki Classes

Reiki Level 1 ~ Saturday, July 27th (more information click here)

Reiki Level 2 ~ Saturday, August 24th (more information click here)
More about Level 2 Reiki ~ The Journey Continues

Reiki Level 3 ~ Saturday, August 31st (more information click here)

Reiki Exchange

Saturdays August 10th & September 7th, 12:30 to 2:30 pm

For Reiki students and practitioners to exchange and practice sessions with each other. If you have completed at least your Reiki Level 1 you are welcome to come and share an afternoon of exchange. An opportunity to give and receive sessions, ask questions and enjoy the quiet energy. Space is limited, please pre-register.

Cost $7.00/ session (includes refreshments and linens). Please let me know when you pre-register if you have a portable table that you are able to share.

NEW Crystal Grid Workshop happening Saturday, September 7th ~ watch upcoming posts for more information!


fbpersprof1A Reiki Master since 1996, I follow the traditional Usui method of Reiki in both the sessions shared with clients and classes shared with students.  The practice of Reiki has become a daily way of living gently and lovingly upon the earth and is just a natural part of sharing love with my family (including pets), friends, clients and the world around me. One benefit I find to Reiki is the ability (after taking the 2nd degree) to send Reiki to others. On the rare occasions that I do watch the news and witness some of the tragedies that are reported locally and around the world I am able to send Reiki out to hopefully help and heal those that are injured from earthquake, war, tsunami, etc. and I am honoured, that in some small way, I can share the gift that is Reiki. The comment often made is “you seem so calm” and Reiki would be the reason for that sense of peace within.

Read more about Reiki ~ The Universal Gift

SUPER Special Healthy Sessions

reflexhandThis Friday & Saturday only…

On June 28 & 29, 2013….All 45 minute sessions that are usually $60 will be only $45 (plus gst)
Friday, June 28th in Chilliwack (3 spaces open)
Saturday, June 29th in Fort Langley (3 spaces open) and  it’s also the last Spa Day for June if you want to be super pampered!reiki4

Book in today for your 45 minute Massage, Reflexology session or Foot&Leg or Hand&Arm Massage, Mini Reiki Session… and save $15
June 29th is also our last Spa Day for June and we have a couple of spaces left … for all of those details click here.

imageoverlay3Sessions available Friday in Chilliwack between 12:30 & 3 and in Langley on Saturday between 9:30 & 7:30 so you can be pampered and enjoy a beautiful day in Fort Langley!
handtohealth@gmail or 778.298.7731 to book
(Please note: appointments booked first come first served basis, no gift certificates may be used or purchased towards this limited time special)

February is all Heart

What kind things are you doing for your Heart?

Not just the physical muscle pumping in your chest (though taking care and being kind to that is so important) but do you also consider, when taking care, your emotional heart? Your Heart Chakra? The Heart & Soul of YOU?

A heart being used as a symbol of love. Photo ...

febspecFebruary is going to be filled with posts that consider all of those Hearts! Comfort in recipes, Naturally Heart Healthy tips, Living from and through your Heart ….  keep following along through the month…



Here is

February’s Heart Healthy Session Special!

Take some time and place yourself in my hands, lie back and allow yourself to relax and receive.
~Release tension held in your scalp & jaw
~Open up Winter sinuses & Breathe
~Bring those shoulders down from your ears
~Soothe away the Stress

Book now for your Special Scalp, Face, Neck & Shoulder Massage
Feb 1-28,2013 only $50.00 (plus hst)
Add full Back Massage $20
Add Massage to Hands or Feet $20

To enjoy your February 2013 Special Session you must book and receive the session between Feb 1 & 28, 2013. Please note that Gift Certificates can not be used towards or purchased for monthly specials sessions.