What will Re-opening Look Like After Covid19?

For many it feels like forever since we’ve seen our friends, family, clients and colleagues, but with staying home and keeping everyone safe, we’re now seeing a light at the end of this tunnel.

​The idea of businesses re-opening can be both exciting and scary. With regards to Booking your Massage Therapy or Holistic Sessions, I want to put your mind at ease.


In the province of Alberta, Massage Therapy is unfortunately, an unregulated health profession and therefore is part of Step 2 in the phased re-opening plans for the coming months. While no date has been provided, as they wait to see the impact of Step 1 openings, I suspect end of May to mid-June are likely.

The Mayor of Calgary has indicated that in his view Massage Therapy should be included with the other health professions (physiotherapy, chiropractic…), so whether that will mean an earlier date here in the city is in question. He also indicated that Calgary may move more slowly in re-opening as our number of new cases are high in comparison to other areas of Alberta.

​For my BC clients, I am monitoring the situation in the province as well, and note they mention end of May to end of June as the probable window for re-opening.

As some provinces move faster in re-opening I am paying attention to the requirements by their Health Services and their Associations regarding safety protocols, as well as monitoring the regular updates from my own association. I don’t know what the requirements will be in Alberta and while there may be some additions when they do come out, the following are changes you will notice when coming for your sessions:
  • Denise, whom I share space with, and I, plan to ensure that we limit the number of clients in the space at any given time. We’ll be limiting ourselves to one client each and creating separate and safe distanced waiting areas should the need arise for them.
  • Between each client we will be boosting disinfecting of all the areas within the space, as we were before I was mandated to stop working.
  • I will be booking 30 minutes in between clients rather than 15 to ensure time to completely sanitize the treatment room, bathroom and any other areas required, as well as to limit clients exposure to each other. This may not apply for those clients in the same household who have back to back appointments as they are already exposed to each other. There will still be time in between your sessions to completely sanitize.
  • The majority of soft surfaces have been removed from my treatment room, leaving only those that I can remove and wash in between each client. There will be a vinyl barrier placed between the bed warmer and sheets so that it can be disinfected between each client.
  • As has always been the case, all the linens used for each client will be completely changed for the next one. Used linens are not stored in the treatment room, that won’t change. Fresh clean linens are not stored in the treatment room either, that won’t change.
  • I will be wearing a mask for your protection and will have some on hand should you wish to wear one, though, it won’t be a requirement.
  • Over my clothes will be an apron or gown that covers anything that may come into contact with clients and that will be changed between each client.
  • As always, I will be using individual oil containers for each client that are washed with hot, soapy water prior to being refilled.
  • When you arrive I’ll be screening with a few questions and ask that upon your arrival and after your session that you wash your hands. There will also be hand sanitizer available for you should you wish to use it.
  • I thoroughly wash my hands before and after each session as well as after changing the linens on the table, that won’t change.
  • Blankets will be removed from the room and replaced with flannel sheets that are more easily washed between each client, there will be extras if you’re cold. I can also turn up the temperature on the bed heater if you wish.
  • An air purifier will be in the room and running throughout the day, there will also be a small room heater with hepa filter so the room can be warmed if you find that you’re cold.
  • I realize that a number of clients with asthma and other sensitivities find harsh chemical cleaners really irritating, I do as well. I will be using disinfectants, approved by Health Canada that are unscented and as natural as possible. I have a list from other Massage Therapists of what they use and am currently investigating them.
  • For my BC clients, I will send you a separate list prior to coming to share sessions with you that will be based on the requirements of Health Services in the province. It will include most of the above, however there may be additions. We have to wait and see.
I know that this sounds like a lot! And very technical, but rest assured that you will receive the same great treatments. As scientists discover more about the COVID19 virus I am sure that we’ll have more answers as to how we can remain safe. It’s fascinating to see the world collaboration as the best minds investigate and explore.


My wish for you is that you are staying healthy and well. I miss seeing you and providing treatments, and really look forward to when I can safely re-open.

If you have questions or wish to be added to the intial call list once I do start seeing clients, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

What Does It Mean to Take A Holistic Approach (Journey Into A Holistic Approach to Discovering Balance During Covid19 – 2)

Holistic Approach to Well-Being during Covid19

A holistic approach means taking care of something in all aspects. When we talk about holistic living, it means a complete and whole approach to the well-being of our body, mind and spirit.  We are not just our bodies nor just our minds or spirit, if one is off balance the others are likely affected … and both should be addressed as we journey towards maintaining wellness.


In our normal busy states of being, people often tend to be very much in their “heads”. The mind is busy thinking, planning, remembering, engaging. For most occupations we have to be, however, what is going on with the body during this busy time?
Holistic benefits of Massage Therapy

​Two things that I notice when clients are in for a session, especially Massage Therapy; They often don’t realize just how many sore muscles the have in their body until I begin to work on them, and I can often feel the muscles begin to relax as people talk on the table about the issues keeping them busy. It’s as though air is finally being released from an overfilled air mattress, the muscles become softer and more fluid.

This is often my reasoning to asking questions before a session starts. How are you doing, on all levels, that day? Your answers give me some insight into how you’re connecting with all aspects of your holistic well-being.

When you plan an activity is it purely physical? Or do you also account for how it will feel on a mental/emotional level and how it feeds (or not) you on a spiritual level?


​An example of what I mean by the question above. Some years ago when looking for a workout I needed to find something that I would stick to. While I played a lot of team sports and did competitive swimming in high school, my life just didn’t have a space of time for that as a business owner and single mother.

I thought back through the things I had tried during my growing up and pre-mum years for what I had really enjoyed doing. Here was the list I came up with:

  • yoga started when I was 13 and off and on I have always loved how good it feels to stretch
  • anything to do with nature, hiking, walking, swimming in lakes and at the beach
  • dancing. My body just starts to move when music comes on. I have memories of my older brother teaching me how to dance in the kitchen when I was 8 or 9 years old and I have loved it ever since.


My workouts became: Taking Belly Dance classes and moving on to also teach (moving the body freely with music is so energizing!), yoga because I loved it and it really goes hand in hand with taking care of dance muscles and joints and walking or hiking in nature. This holistic approach to my well-being fed me on all levels, mind, body and spirit.

I take this same approach to other activities, and to my work. I love the work I do and the interactions that I have with clients. My work doesn’t feel like a job but instead is a passion that I get to take part in every day. While I’ve been a secretary and interior designer in past careers and did find some satisfaction in that, they don’t feed my soul in the same way as providing Massage and Holistic Therapies does.

The holistic approach to well-being is not just about the body. It also takes into account your mental state, how you’re feeling about your day to day activities, and if they feed you on a spiritual level as well.

  • Do they lift you up?
  • If they don’t, why are you doing them?
  • If they are activities that are a ‘must do’, what changes could you incorporate so that you feel better doing them?
With the changes life has brought us during the Covid19 pandemic I encourage you to take some time to take a look at your daily activities and ask yourself if they bring a holistic balance to your well-being or do they need to be tuned-up, changed or dropped completely.
 Once you begin to take a holistic approach to one or two activities, you’ll find it begins to change your approach to others.

Note: This is not a space for you to be self-judgemental or look for blame, it’s simply having an honest look at ways to make positive changes for your whole healthy being.

I hope that you’ll share your experiences.

Join me during the month of April for A Journey into Taking a Holistic Approach to Covid19

Journey In A Holistic Approach to Discovering Balance During Covid19 – 1

Holistic Journey baggage and stuff

I invite you to join me on a holistic journey. Through no fault of our own, life turned upside down on us the past few weeks. Our daily norms, for the most part, have had to adjust drastically and while change is a constant in life, as humans we tend to struggle with it.
“We’re all in this together” is a beautiful sentiment, and though true, it does little to alleviate personal feelings of worry, uncertainty, fear, anger… Broad statements such as this can actually cause us more stress, especially if we’re feeling isolated and can’t relate to it.
Be Holistically Healthy

Taking a Holistic approach to change means allowing yourself to feel what you feel, all of it, expressing it and then working through ways that work for YOU to accept, shift and move forward. That shift needs to happen on all levels; Body, Mind and Soul, for our beings to fully integrate and journey forward.  It opens a door to fully embracing that we really are, all in this together.

Join me through the coming weeks as we navigate this journey together. The chart below identifies the steps we’ll be taking, what you’ll discover as the theme in blog articles, social media posts and some new video offerings.
A Holistic Journey through Change
What will be important to remember during this journey is to take it at your own pace and work with it as it fits for you. While I’ll be presenting posts as they wander through this chart, there is no wrong way for you to take this journey. I certainly welcome your feedback, comments and shares on Social Media.

​You may have ways that you are working through this or have worked through previous life changes. Ideas are always a great resource for others so I encourage you to reach out and to share.

It’s All About the Hips

Healthy, painfree hips give us a lot of movement options. Massage Therapy helps

​​The Hips are amazing ball joints created through the union of bones, muscles, tendons, ligaments and fascia of the upper leg and pelvis. A major weight bearing joint for the body, the Hip allows for great range of motion for our legs, when we look after it.
Hips need to be stretched during the day if you sit for long periods.Extended periods of sitting can lead to tight hip flexors and gluteal muscles

​​Probably the hip issues that I find clients dealing with the most are a result of not enough stretching of thigh, gluteal and low back muscles. Sitting at a desk day after day, standing for long periods, driving… can all contribute to contraction and tightness of the muscles surrounding the Hips. Massage Therapy and stretching can help to loosen and maintain flexiblity through the Hips and allow for easy, painless, movement.

​An important tip to remember: Bones don’t move the body, Muscles move the bones that move the body. This is particularly noticeable in Hip movements.
Massage Therapy is beneficial for keeping hips flexible and pain freeThe muscles around the hip need to be stretched before and after work outs

​When a muscle is overworked, tight and restricted without being given adequate rest, stretching and nutrition, or is injured, it will begin to limit the movements of our joints or cause pain in those movements. Swelling, inflammation, spasm, fatigue, injury… all can lead to muscles that just will not work without pain or only work within a limited range of motion. As the condition becomes worse so does the pain, while range of motion becomes more and more limited. While true for all joints, as a Massage Therapist I see this happen more commonly in the shoulder and the Hip.
The Hips Cradle Emotion

Hips the junk drawer of emotion eased with Massage TherapyAre the Hips holding emotions?

​Our Hips are also said to cradle and hold emotions. Some yoga instructors refer to the pelvis and hips as the “junk drawer of emotions” for the body. When stressed or feeling threatened our “fight or flight” response may have us jumping into action. Or if receiving bad news we curl forward towards the fetal position. Our body has an instinctual reflex to clench the deep muscles and sometimes doesn’t let go even after trauma or emotional experiences are over.
Massage Therapy helps to loosen muscles & release emotions.Massage Therapy helps to loosen muscles & release emotions

​You may have noticed when you perform deep stretches or when having your Hips massaged that emotions well up unexpectedly. This is normal. On the otherside, when the muscles have loosened, you will often feel lighter and more relaxed.

​Stretching and Massage Therapy are really great ways to ensure your Hips stay healthy, flexible, relaxed, and move easily and without pain.

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