The Energetic Spine

The past posts have been pretty technical and physically based…there is another, just as important aspect to the health of your spine

The practice of holistic/wholistic/natural health includes all aspects of the self…mind, body and spirit. When the 3 are in alignment (what we strive for in holistic health practices) one feels “whole” in their being.

The spine not only supports us physically, but energetically as well…equally important.

From the base of our feet, supported by our legs and suspended from the hips attached to the sacrum or bottom of the spine…we can connect with the nurturing, grounding energies of the earth upon which we live and walk upon. The earth has a rhythm and a pulse all its own and in paying attention to that we can connect our body’s rhythm to it.

From the other end of the spine…right at the top…is our head and when we focus on connecting to the energies above us…those of the heavens and the cosmos we create a stronger connection to our intuition. Drawing that energy in, to flow through our spine and connect with that of the earth’s energy brings us to a space of centredness.Illustration of the main 7 Chakras, as taught ...

Which parts of your spine are aware and connected to the energies around you?

Here is something to try ….

Put on some music that has a drum beat only or where the drum is the featured instrument, starting with something slow and steady .

Feel the weight of your body in all parts of your feet.

Move yourself into a good posture (knees slightly bent, low ab tucked, shoulders down from the ears, head floating, facial muscles relaxed, chest lifted out of the waist) and be sure that your body weight is centred and that you can feel the weight of your body in all parts of your feet…take a few slow deep breaths. See, if through your feet, you can connect to the pulse of the earth….just breathe and feel…if that doesn’t work then just try to connect with the rhythm of the drum beat.


Close your eyes and, without moving, just “feel” where in your body you notice the drumbeat in the music first. Just notice and breathe…where are you feeling it? Does the music begin to change the rhythm of your breath? Take some time with this, staying centred and still…just notice how and where you feel it.

Staying centred and while keeping the upper body still, allow the drumbeat to dictate the movements of your lower body…it doesn’t matter how it looks, just how it feels. Be sure you’re keeping a good posture, keeping your body weight centred, close your eyes and disengage the thinking….just engage the feeling. Only move the lower body…how does it feel? Is the drumbeat leading the way? Are your moves earthy, grounded, full, rounded, sharp…? Keep breathing and allowing the energy of the drum beat or the earth to flow through your feet, up your legs and into the spine. How far up the spine can your draw this earthy energy? How does it feel in the organs, muscles and body parts attached to your lower spine? Do any emotions come up?

When working with the breath awareness and the spine people notice different sensations…some warm, some cold, some tingly, some heavy…all of them are the right and correct sensations for you.

Return to the beginning…stop moving, just feeling the drumbeat and breath. Staying centred and in a good posture now let the upper body only begin to move to the beat try to keep your feet and hips still. Again disengage the thinking, close your eyes, and notice how it feels. Are your arms, head and ribcage all involved or just the arms? Are your moves airy, full, rounded, precise? As you breathe try to focus on the space just above your head and breathe in the energy from there and let it travel down your spine. How far down does it go? What directions are you able to move your upper spine in? How do the organs and muscles around your upper spine feel? Does the feeling of the drumbeat change when you move it through your upper body?


It’s inspiring to experiment with the flow of energy not only through your spine but through different parts of your body. Working with isolating just your hands, legs, feet, arms, neck and head, etc. can offer up different sensations. Different music evokes different moods and moves, music that grounds, music that picks you up, music that slows you down or makes your heart beat faster. You can also turn the music off, stand quietly and feel the natural rhythms that you already have within you…how do they move you?

Are there any spaces in your spine where they are stuck?

Can you breath and release that “stuckness”?