Healing Hips…A Session for Every Woman!

The Hips…such a key area for so many aspects of a woman’s life! Holistic Massage for Women in Abbotsford
Physically they take the weight of our upper body and help us to move in so many directions. Emotionally they are the body’s junk drawer as they carry our stress and unresolved emotions.

An amazing network of muscles, ligaments, bones, the root chakra and our nurturing energy it is said the hips cradle the soul.
A good hip massage opens up our movement, relieves stress on our lower back and allows us to move more freely while also releasing the build up of stress. Our root chakra feels more grounded and stable as energy flows unrestricted.

Hip Massage Special for Every Woman in Abbotsford

A Special Valentine’s at Hand to Health – Relax!

Something Special for YOU for Valentine’s Day!

Bring your partner, friend, family member (any special someone to you) for a very special massage as I team up
with Cindy Bernicot from Blu Stone Massage
to offer couple’s sessions OR enjoy a massage just for yourself given in tandem by 2 practitioners

Book in for your special appointment on
Saturday, Feb.14th between 10 and 5 (3spaces left)
A 50% deposit is required at time of booking to hold your space

Choose 1 of the following: 

Couple’s Massage
You will each receive a 1 1/2 hour relaxation massage with essential oils added (or unscented if you prefer)
The fireplace will be lit, candles glowing, soft music playing, 
Plus a take home gift that includes Bathsalts, mini Champagne, candles and flowers!

Cost per couple $210.00
You can have your tables side by side or have dividers up for privacy, it’s up to you.


4 Hands Massage

You will receive a 1 1/2 hour relaxation massage with essential oils added (or unscented if you prefer) given by both practitioners working in tandem. 4 hands smoothing out the achy sore muscles!
The fireplace lit, candles glowing, soft music playing and a take home gift!

Cost $155.00

Moving Muscles Special!

Ain't nothin' gonna breaka my stride. Nobody g...

Ain’t nothin’ gonna breaka my stride. Nobody gonna slow me down. Oh no! I got to keep on moving. (Photo credit: sidehike)

A MOVING SALE…though it is probably not quite what you might think it is!
SAVE 20% on your holistically healthy sessions
Keep reading for all of the details …

In just under 2 weeks the Langley clinic will be relocating to east Abbotsford!

…and after a power packing weekend it has become a bit of a maze of boxes…except for the session room. That room has been saved until the clinic closes, for YOUR soothing, nurturing sessions.

I invite you into the box maze to enjoy your sessions at a 20% discount (Langley Clinic only) between now and the end of day on November 28, 2013.

Save 20% on any session that you choose and book into the Langley clinic as often as you wish, to receive the savings.
(Please note that this special is for Langley clinic appointments only. It applies only to full price sessions, before taxes, and is not applicable to November’s discounted special


H2H Tips ~ the wonder whyse!

P question

Something new for the H2H pages that you’ll find here each week!

Tips that will help YOU to get more from your healthy “good for you” sessions that extend the benefits of your health session or hip bumping dance class, for days after you’ve had it

You may wonder why

  • I suggest that you drink more water after a Spinal Touch or Massage Session, or
  • Its a really good idea to soak in the tub tonight after your massage or an intensive dance class, or
  • Leaving the oil in your hair after a Champissage session or on your skin after an Abhyanga massage is so good for you, or
  • Being on a full dose of pain killers right before your session or dance class is not the best idea, or
  • When the muscle burns it’s ok but sharp pain isn’t when you’re dancing or working out
  • I’m such a nag about stretching, yoga and posture
  • Booking your Reiki or Craniosacral session at the end of the day is a much better idea than doing them first thing,
  • or

The reasons? All of these tips and more will help your body, mind and spirit get the most from your health session or dance class with me AND while making you health whyse will also make a difference in your self-care for days afterwards

and that means

YOU feeling vibrantly well !

Beginning next Wednesday and for each Wednesday after that I’ll share the why’s for the above wonderments and so many others! Follow the blog to have the tips delivered directly to your email inbox or come back to visit the page.

I’d also love to hear any “wonder why” questions you have….so please share them here!