Layers to the Quiet

When you create a quiet and sacred space that is just for you (see previous post) there are so many things to explore that enhance the precious time you have to spend with the sacred self that is you.

It can be a fascinating journey of self discovery when trying different modalities and sources of relaxation, to find the ones that really really do bring you to a quiet, reflective, peaceful state. Here are some suggestions:

Getting in the mood

At times it may feel like “work” to cut out a portion of your day to take quiet space-time for you. I usually schedule it into my appointment book and as I would with any other appointment, I make sure that I show up for it. There are some things I do in advance to set the atmosphere. Lighting candles, putting on some quieter music, burning incense or essential oils in a diffuser, dimming some of the lights, turning the phone off….

Essential Oils in a diffuser, blended with water can completely change your mood. Or, place a few drops in an unscented lotion to massage into your skin or blend with a base oil and put a few drops into your bath water. Oil suggestions to…

  • Enhance Meditation: Sandalwood, Frankincense, Jasmine, Clary Sage
  • Calm & Relax the Mind: Lavender, Rosewood, Geranium, Chamomile
  • Harmonize and pick up your Mood: Citrus Oils (Orange, Lemon, Bergamot, Neroli), Rosemary, Petitgrain

Incense is another alternative…be sure to look for the natural hand-rolled sticks. They may be a little more expensive but you can be assured that they are not created with chemicals or synthetic oils.

If your sacred space is outside you probably have all you need, in the beautiful and rhythmic sounds of nature to soothe your senses. If you’re inside, music playing quietly in the background of your space can work as a call to “inaction” soothing the nerves and the senses. Some wonderful and peaceful recordings include:

  • Karunesh – The Healing Heart
  • Merlin’s Magic – Just Harmony
  • Llewellyn – Reiki Gold
  • Ron Allen – Sacred Places
  • Boko Suzuki – T’ai Chi Sunrise

Exploring tastes that calm and soothe you is another journey. I usually discover this through different teas. Some of the spicy tastes in Chai Tea blends, I find, take me into a meditative mood. I also find Chamomile blended with Apple and Yerba Mate to be favourites for soothing the senses.

Scheduling to the ultimate bliss

It’s important to take some time in your quiet space, just for you, on a daily basis…while it sounds almost impossible you will find that you have much more energy for the rest of your obligations and that you will approach your day from a calmer state of mind.

Once a month I pull out all the stops and schedule at least a half if not a full day that allows me to be in a peaceful state for a few hours. Here’s what my sacred day looks like each & every month and yes, it does take a little planning ahead, but, I do know I have much more to give to clients, family, friends and myself by doing this:

  • Planning ahead:Make sure that there are some foods available such as fresh fruits and veggies, a couple of pre-made meals or ? so you don’t have to cook that day. Put aside some soft towels and ensure you have on hand the scents you may want that day. I ensure I have candles, some music picked out, essential oils and a diffuser, some tea or a glass of wine, a good book, scented lotion and scented bath oil. I turn off my phone and my computer for the day.
  • Booking with others: When I know the day I’m going to have for me I book an appointment for a Massage, Reflexology or Reiki session as I know those are the treatments that I benefit from the most.
  • Getting started:I start my quiet time out in nature, preferably by the ocean but at a minimum where there are some big trees to be near. Spending some time with nature can help you to calm and centre yourself and to let go of the mind noise. The responsibilities of life will be there when you’ve finished your quiet time…put them down during this time that is just for you…you can get back to them.
  • Time to just receive: After a nature walk I go for the session I’ve booked for myself. In having a Massage, Reflexology or Reiki session I know that nothing will be expected of me but to receive and nature puts my heart and mind into that space.
  • Sustenance: Home after the session lunch has already been pre-planned so all there is to do is enjoy it.
  • Then its bath time! As the water is running the towels can go into the dryer so they’re warmed up for wrapping in later…I toss my bathrobe in there too and I place a few drops of essential oil on a damp cloth in the drier so the towels and bathrobe are lightly scented.
  • ~ The oil diffuser is lit and loaded with essential oils
    ~ Epsom salts and essential oils are added to the bath water, candles are lit, tea is made, music is playing and a book is at hand
    ~ All that is left to do is slide into the water, breathe and relax for however long you wish to
    ~  After towelling off I tend to use body lotion as I find the scent stays on my skin longer and keeps my mind in that space of calm and quiet.
  • Ending the day: I like to book my quiet time near the end of the day so that there really isn’t anything I have to do afterwards. It takes a bit of planning but is really worth how it feels afterwards. I end up renewed, restored, refreshed, at peace and ready to carry on with my responsibilities. Take some time at the end of your quiet space to reflect on how you’re feeling on all the different levels that are you ~ mind, body and soul.

How do you create quiet time for you?

Have you discovered what enhancements work the best for you?