Phase 3 in the Journey – Maintenance and Moving Foward (A Journey Into A Holistic Approach to Discovering Balance During Covid19 – 6)


OK, so you’ve done the work, peeled back layers of your life, like an onion, to discover at least one thing that is no longer working for you. That something is up for change as you create holistic balance in your life. You’ve explored the ways that work for you and hopefully found 2 or 3 that work and you’re in the process of integrating those changes. Now what?
​Integrating changes in your holistic living takes time, patience, focus and practice…and not being hard on yourself when you backslide, and you possibly will.  The habit or belief that you’re wanting to change has been a part of your way of being for how long? It’s difficult to create that kind of change over night.


​You embraced that old belief or practice for days years, perhaps your entire life because it was instilled in you as you grew up. You practiced it regularly and lived by it. Just deciding that it no longer fits doesn’t alone shift the habit, practicing and reminding yourself of your new belief, embracing ways of living that new habit, will help to reinforce it, and eventually it will become as 2nd nature as the old belief.

​Depending on what you’ve chosen to change or if you’ve taken on many different beliefs and practices to shift, the next steps can become a picture into your view of yourself. In committing to do or believe things differently, in a way that serves you better, you may run up against some roadblocks. Do you feel worthy of the change, or do you practice enough self love and self care that you will easily embrace something you know is better for you.  Sometimes those roadblocks mean taking a step back to kindly and lovingly remind yourself of your amazingness.

Discovering ways to Embrace Change

Once again this path finds you on the exploratory part of the journey. You know what you want to change and you’ve committed to making the change but how do you reinforce that change until it becomes habit? Here are some ideas:

~ Look at your day to day schedule, where and how many times can you fit in the practice of this new habit or belief?

~ Affirmations are helpful but you may need to see or hear them regularly. Recording them to play first thing in the morning or at night can impact the subconscious brain. For those visual learners, sticky notes with words or pictures can help. I find placing them on my bathroom mirror helpful as it’s where I look in the morning when getting ready for the day and at night, just before sleep, so my subconscious has that last message before dream time.
~ ​Sometimes a scent can help us. Jasmine is a great tool for learning and helping the mind to retain information, Peppermint will bring that information forward
~ Positive and constructive self talk is helpful when we find ourselves slipping into old patterns. Berating yourself isn’t helpful but using kind and positive words to remind yourself is.

​~ ​Practices such as Reiki, Meditation and Prayer can help us to subconsciously open up to the new habit or belief and embrace it within.

~ ​Do you have a supportive network of people who will help you , cheer you on, remind you of your amazingness and ability to make this change. Your tribe can definitely increase your vibe!

What’s next in Your Journey towards Holistic Balance?


Maintaining your holistic balance is something you do for you. You will, through exploration, find those ways that help you to maintain it. As you embrace and incorporate different habits and beliefs it becomes akin to peeling an onion, you’ll discover other layers and dimensions that you may want to shift and change. It becomes a lifelong journey, but an exciting oneEmbrace who you really are in mind, body and spirit. 

Phase 1 in the Journey – Emotions (A Journey Into A Holistic Approach to Disc0vering Balance During Covid19 – 4)

I think that one of the downsides to people feeling safe to share their journey towards holistic balance is Toxic Positivity. Ourselves or others can often feel uncomfortable with emotion, and so will downplay it in others, or we stuff it down in ourselves. Neither are healthy and that is not what this journey will be about. It’s time to get honest with how you’re feeling.


There really are no right or wrong feelings about all of the drastic changes to our lives due to the Covid19 pandemic. They are all normal, correct and understandable. Which ones do you identify with?
  • Shock
  • Grief
  • Despair
  • Depression
  • Calm
  • Peace
  • Uncertainty
  • Curiousity
  • Anger
  • Anxiety
  • Frustration
  • Overwhelm
  • Fear
  • Surprise
  • Stress
  • Denial
  • Other



As you recognize each of the emotions that you have, do you identify where in your body you’re also feeling them physcially? Where they are expressing in your Spirit? A first step in creating holistic balance is first acknowledging and accepting your feelings about change, without feeling the need to justify or judge or suppress.

It can be simple frustrations such as not being able to find paper towels, toilet paper or flour in the stores, surprise that your kids can no longer play in parks, depression in not having any social interactions at work or with friends, fear and uncertainty with more questions than answers…

Allowing your feelings is healthy. Emotions are energy and in order to eventually be released, energy has to be allowed to move. Same thing with emotions, and yes, it can be super uncomfortable to allow our own emotions and to witness those of others.
The next step is to acknowledge that how you’re feeling mentally/emotionally is impacting you on all levels of mind, body and spirit. Checking in on how it feels physically often requires some action to get out of your head and into your body. Meditation, contemplation and physical activity are really helpful.
The final step in this phase is to cut yourself some slack. Allow the feelings, all of them and how they fluctuate. During this phase radical self-care is called for as we work towards managing our emotions constructively and turn towards allowing holistic balance.

Radical Self-Care during Phase 1 of Your Holistic Journey

Some of the following suggestions may seem like band-aid solutions to the emotions you’re feeling about the changes you’re experiencing due to Covid19. They are band-aid solutions for now. During this first phase in creating holistic balance your creating space for emotions and looking after yourself through that phase. (You’re also teaching your loved ones that it’s ok to have the emotions and to explore self-care techniques that work for them)


Ways to Safely Express Emotion

Don’t suppress them or tamp them down! Allow the energy of the emotions to move through you and if they get too much go ahead and scream in the car, cry, stamp your feet. Journaling through writing or art, breath work, laughter and physical movement are all great ways to safely express emotions.

My favourite way is to put on the music and dance with abandon. As I move the emotional energy moves as well. I encourage you to explore and discover new ways that feel good to you.

Nurturing Yourself Through the Tough Days

This can be a really interesting way to find out just what radical self-care looks like for you as you explore different methods.

  • Eating healthy foods,
  • Carrying crystals,
  • Aromatherapy,
  • Getting Physical with activity you love
  • Switching from listening to the Blues,
  • Watching comedies instead of dramas,
  • Turning off the news every day
  • Chat with friends and family through video or phone

… wrap yourself in comfort and care (yes, you are also teaching your children to care for themselves through example)


Explore Aromatherapy


Carry crystals


Dance with abandon


Spending time with friends and family on line until you can gather together again


Journaling through written word, drawing, painting…


Exploring activities that bring joy
It’s ok to sit in this phase of discovering Holistic Balance for a period of time as you explore what works for you. But we’re not going to wallow or set up camp in this phase for too long. That being said, there is no timeline. As I said in a previous post, you will work through this journey as it works for you and there is no right or wrong way. Get comfortable with self-care and emotional expression as best you can. Perhaps the weekly calendar guide below can help with that.


The Mind Body Spirit Connection & Dealing with Change (Journey Into A Holistic Approach to Discovering Balance During Covid19 – 3)

Holistic Approach to Change

The basis of a holistic approach to health, to life and to change, is acknowledging  the mind, body and the spirit connection, and nurturing that connection.

What affects the mind has an influence on the body and visa versa. Anything affecting either or both, mind and body, impacts upon our spirit.

Let’s take stress as an example. When we’re feeling stressed about a situation we can feel it in our body. Some feel is as stomach upset, some as shoulder pain from tightened muscles, others experience headaches. Often, and at the same time, stress can cause a loss of hope, thus affecting the spirit.
Unexpected change is often uncomfortable and can create stress. Despite change being an ongoing occurrence in life it is one we can’t seem to embrace. The drastic changes that COVID19 has brought to our lives is hard to navigate and it is no wonder that many balk at embracing it. But, what are our choices?
Holistic Approach to emotions

I am hearing a whole range of emotions from clients, family and friends as the life changes imposed by COVID19 unroll. Anger, fear, depression, anxiety, frustration, sorrow, shock,, grief… are just a few.

​Many feel changes “forced” upon them are impossible to steer through. There are many of us that have had to slow down or stop work due to social distancing or loss of business, parents are being asked to work at home while also home-schooling their children and at the same time keep them indoors and away from playgrounds and friends, those deemed essential are busy and stressed as they are daily put at risk of infection, as humans we are social beings and we are not able to spend time with our friends, or family members that live elsewhere…  I cannot think of any emotions that would be inappropriate, but there are ways to navigate through them, grow from them and thrive, holistically.

The first step in taking a holistic approach to the changes of COVID 19 is to acknowledge every single emotion experienced as valid, there is no right or wrong way to feel. Secondly, is to understand that those emotions are having an impact on your physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.

Take some time over the next few days to allow your feelings, write them down or express them through art. If you meditate, try to check into where you’re feeling those emotions in your body and what they feel like. Don’t try to tamp them down as emotions are energy and energy needs to move to be released.
Upcoming posts, as we travel this journey together will address ways to not only deal with the mental, physical and spiritual impact of COVID19, but ways to grow holistically. Tips that will assist you in addressing change throughout life, often making it something easier to embrace.
You may want to work through the steps as they are presented or may find yourself jumping back and forth. There is no right or wrong way to work through these steps, your way must work for you in realizing the benefits of a holistic approach.

Journey In A Holistic Approach to Discovering Balance During Covid19 – 1

Holistic Journey baggage and stuff

I invite you to join me on a holistic journey. Through no fault of our own, life turned upside down on us the past few weeks. Our daily norms, for the most part, have had to adjust drastically and while change is a constant in life, as humans we tend to struggle with it.
“We’re all in this together” is a beautiful sentiment, and though true, it does little to alleviate personal feelings of worry, uncertainty, fear, anger… Broad statements such as this can actually cause us more stress, especially if we’re feeling isolated and can’t relate to it.
Be Holistically Healthy

Taking a Holistic approach to change means allowing yourself to feel what you feel, all of it, expressing it and then working through ways that work for YOU to accept, shift and move forward. That shift needs to happen on all levels; Body, Mind and Soul, for our beings to fully integrate and journey forward.  It opens a door to fully embracing that we really are, all in this together.

Join me through the coming weeks as we navigate this journey together. The chart below identifies the steps we’ll be taking, what you’ll discover as the theme in blog articles, social media posts and some new video offerings.
A Holistic Journey through Change
What will be important to remember during this journey is to take it at your own pace and work with it as it fits for you. While I’ll be presenting posts as they wander through this chart, there is no wrong way for you to take this journey. I certainly welcome your feedback, comments and shares on Social Media.

​You may have ways that you are working through this or have worked through previous life changes. Ideas are always a great resource for others so I encourage you to reach out and to share.