Spiral in…Spiral out ~ something new

Nature spirals … and that includes us

Have you noticed the whorls and circles in the trunk of a cut tree, how a cat will curl up and around itself to sleep within a tightly tucked ball, the spirals of sea shells, plant leaves, wave patterns in the sand left by the ocean’s waves…

But nature’s swirls also open and release. The tree sends branches out from its outer circles, the cat gets up and stretches and the sand patterns are impermanent.

The human body spirals….our dna spirals within, we have linings (fascia) around our cells, muscles, our organs, even our skin acts as a liDNA and twisty green thingsning that holds us together. Our mind spirals with emotions that wind us up or loosen and relax us.

As living beings we can run into problems when we don’t take the time to loosen and open those spirals but instead, allow life’s continual and stressful grinds to wind us tighter…ever tighter.

We can begin to feel like a tightly wound spring ready to “boing” in uncontrolled patterns as we knock against those things around us and then lie in the place we land, still coiled and tight.

How do you think it would feel to “unwind from the grind”?

Do you think it would feel wonderful to open up and balance, from top to bottom, while still staying firmly grounded in YOUR present?

Acknowledging and honouring the individual and the pace at which they need to unwind, this session begins with some deep Breathe work and slowly moves into the subtle unwinding through Craniosacral Therapy (some clients will also draw Reiki and if you would like that included it will be).
Grounding the session with hand or foot Reflexology gives a sense of wholeness and harmony…it completes the process.
Throughout the session you have the opportunity to completely relax in the peaceful surrounds, the table is heated
(if you wish), quite music is the subtle background, essential oils that encourage your unwinding, gently scent the air (you may also choose to not have scent)

Introductory Cost $135.00
(plus HST)


Spirit of the Horse ~ A magical journey of Self-discovery

There are so many pathways to natural health & healing. I’ve had the good fortune to meet many fabulous practitioners and in the past months have been presented with the golden opportunity to learn about the amazing gift horses have to share with us. From the first time I visited Wisteria Acres and met Krista and her herd of special horses I was filled with a sense of peace. This beautiful space vibrates with gentle, healing energy…Please enjoy the following guest blog written by Krista Brown

Although I have a few childhood memories of horses – like the times I would stuff my 7-year old fist full of rich lush grass through the pasture fence that ran behind our home to feed the neighbouring horses.  Or, the many pictures of horses I would draw as a child.  Or, the very first time I hoisted my young teenage body into a saddle at a dude ranch somewhere out in the Ottawa-Valley – I never really heard ‘the call’ to these wise, intuitive and sentient beings until many years later as I was about to step into my fourth decade on this planet

 Hearing that call profoundly changed my life and helped me to discover my life’s purpose of helping others along their healing and evolutionary path, guided by the gentle wisdom of the horse.

As prey animals, survival above all else governs the horse.  As a means of survival horses have a highly refined ability to sense the feelings of their herd mates, predators, and people who share their space.  As explained by Linda Kohanov in her book, Riding Between the Worlds – wild horses will often graze unconcerned as a lion, who has recently eaten a big meal, walks right through their pasture.  Yet when an agile carnivore is on the prowl, the herd will scatter long before the cat can get close.

As ego-based humans we’re not always so transparent.  Many of us have been conditioned to wear a ‘mask’ – to conceal our anger with a smile, or our anxiety with a veneer of confidence.  For the ever intuitive horse, this creates incongruence – the emotions they sense don’t match with what they see.  In the process of sorting through this incongruence, the horse will mirror back to you your emotions.  Hence, offering us the gift of self-awareness and an invitation to live more authentically.


– a woman (we’ll call Beth) came seeking guidance for a particularly difficult relationship issue she was facing.  Beth considered herself to be the “strong one” in the family; always holding everyone together.  She admitted though, that she was feeling overwhelmed with the current situation.  Yet she was determined to “work through this as quickly as possible and move on!” she said with conviction and confidence.

Cassi, our young mare, was her chosen equine guide and together they stepped into the arena; Beth looking for clarity and guidance as to the next step on her healing journey.   After walking in a large circle, Cassi made her way back to Beth and then dropped to the ground and rolled over on her back.  I explained to Beth that as an animal of prey, Cassi was putting herself in a very vulnerable position by lying down and exposing her belly.  I invited Beth to consider how this may relate to her current situation.  As Beth quietly pondered, Cassi returned to her feet and blew-out a release of tension.  Beth then nodded her head and with a resigned smile gave voice to Cassi’s message – “release and surrender”.  Over the course of Beth’s session Cassi would repeat this message three times! A very poignant reminder that sometimes we must release and surrender to life, rather than trying to push our way through it.

As Beth walked toward the center of the arena and then turned her attention back toward Cassi, as if right on cue Cassi erupted into a gallop, encircling Beth at safe distance as she bucked and kicked into the air.  After just a couple of rounds Cassi came to rest a good distance away from Beth, winded and trying to catch her breath.  There was a momentary pause before Beth began to walk toward Cassi.  Again Cassi erupted into a flurry of galloping bucks and kicks that encircled Beth as she stood looking on.  And once again, Cassi came to rest a good distance away from Beth, winded and trying to catch her breath.  At that moment Beth looked to me and said “that’s what it feels like inside – like a tornado”.  I invited her to acknowledge and embrace the tornado inside so Cassi no longer had to mirror it for her.  “Bring your awareness into your body and let yourself feel the emotion, and then let it all go” I urged her.  No sooner did tears spring from Beth’s eyes, and Cassi’s body posture softened – she lowered her head and blew-out another release of tension and quietly walked toward Beth.  Together they stood in quiet reflection, Cassi holding sacred space for Beth to release all that was no longer serving her highest good.

Unlike us, horses don’t judge feelings to be ‘good’ or ‘bad’.

They simply use feelings as information and once Beth was able to let her guard down and acknowledge and express how she was truly feeling, Cassi felt comfortable enough to stand in her presence.

Horses can also highlight our unrecognized strengths as well as help us to hone our skills as authentic leaders and conscious partners, in our personal relationships as well as in our career.

Horse live by, and are a part of the natural rhythms of the earth.  In their presence we become grounded and our frenzied pace slows to allow us to come back into sync with the natural world.  There, we can tap into that deeper part of ourselves where wisdom, meaning and intuition reside.

Whether you are seeking healing and guidance on a physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual level, horses are the catalyst to our own higher consciousness.  We needn’t look outside of ourselves for answers.  Our truth lies within.

Join me as we become one with the herd and stand poised on the brink of Self-discovery.

Krista and her very special herd of equine guides – Romeo, Cassi, Cricket, & Leo, work with adults of all ages in private sessions and in group retreats at beautiful Wisteria Acres Wellness & Retreats in Langley, BC.   No horse experience is required.

Krista Brown, DCH, RSHom
Equine Guided Development facilitator

for HandtoHealth Clients
~ Receive a 25% discount on your first personal Equine Guided Development session.

Offer valid weekdays only.  Expires August 31, 2012.