Massage Therapy for Younger People

Youth sports Massage TherapyThe majority of my clients understand Massage Therapy to be a necessary  part of their health and wellness plans. Thankfully, those that use to view Massage as just a luxury are learning how helpful it can be. What I’ve been thrilled to witness in the past couple of years are the number of parents booking their teens and pre-teens in for Massage sessions with me.

My own son was 10 when I started studying Massage Therapy and as a growing teen, student and hockey player, he received regular Massage sessions to keep his muscles flexible and fit. Growing pains and muscle spasms were resolved naturally. He was also introduced to a healthy way to relax and rejuvenate during exam time, hockey tournaments and the other stressors of growing.

Massage Therapy for Students with Teresa Graham, RMT CalgarySports, technology and studying place the same stress on kid’s muscles as they do on adults. Posture suffers from bending over textbooks and computers in the same way it does when sitting at a desk job throughout the day. Neck, shoulder and upper back muscles become tight and tense, which can lead to pain and headaches, regardless of age.

Many clients say they feel taller and stand straighter after their Massage. The head pulled forward and chin tucked over a phone, turns into shoulders and head back and in alignment, with the loosening of muscles. It creates better awareness of just how good proper posture can feel.

With the stress of school grades, bullying, peer pressure, sports tournaments… kids need to learn ways to relax and de-stress that are natural and healthy. What they learn through their teens as coping mechanisms will carry them through the adult years in the work force. It sets them up to succeed.

While they may squirm at first because they are not familiar with the touch of Massage, young people soon become relaxed, calm and often fall asleep during their sessions. While easing muscle tension, massage also balances the hormones that are often raging during these years, boosts the immune system naturally, and encourages positive body awareness.


For the first session I often encourage parents to book young people in for 30 minutes rather than a longer session. It allows them to become familiar with how Massage Therapy feels, provides them a safe space to give feedback as to where they are sore or how much pressure they prefer with Massage. An adult is also always welcome to stay in the Massage room if that is what is more comfortable for a young person. Providing a space that feels safe is essential.

Spring Clean Yourself (Part 2) The Mental

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Far more important than cleaning the house is cleaning up the hamster wheel of thoughts in your head that no longer serve you. Those disempowering thoughts, feelings and old worn out stories that come along with guilt, fear, anger, shame, regret, etc. that are taking up space and not paying rent to be there.


zzzTake a moment to decide how these old thoughts may be serving you in some way. Do they make you feel protected? Do you feel yourself to be lacking because of them? Is the idea of letting go of them scary? Why? Are these thoughts true?

You can begin to declutter the space these useless thoughts take up by looking for more positive thoughts to replace them with. Did you learn something from the old story? Is it a lesson that has served you well since? Does that old thought fit with who you are today?


zzzaLook for ways to get the thoughts out of your head. Put them down on paper with as much detail as possible (you may need some kleenex handy because this can often bring up emotions too. But, that is a good thing). Is everything down? All of it? Now burn that paper and watch those old thoughts disintegrate into ash. (you can type and delete but it is not nearly as powerful)

Are there scraps of old thoughts left churning around in your head? Go and do something physical and get out of your head and into your body. Notice how your body feels while you’re doing it. Notice your heart beat and the rhythm of your breath. Physical activity can be like a cleansing breeze for the mind, cleaning itself out while your focus is elsewhere.


zzdSeek out positive, uplifting people, experiences and activities to create new memories to think about. Get together with good friends and enjoy great conversation, open up a new thought provoking book, create a new adventure for yourself and just try new things.

Your mind will have a whole load of new and positive things to occupy itself with.

Self Celebration

Celebrate You- Celebrate Life!

Do you take the time to really celebrate YOU?

So often when I hear others speak of their birthdays there are comments about it being “just another day” or “I’d rather forget it” or “birthdays are for kids”… and I have to say that I completely disagree.

YOU are a unique individual that came into this world on a certain day and since that day have had an amazing impact on the people and the world around you, regardless of how old you are. If you’re not sure of what effect you’ve had upon the lives of others ask them, ask your friends and your family what it means to them to have YOU be a part of their life. I am guessing that you will learn a lot about how others see you and in a good way.

But much more important than how others see you or celebrate your existence, is how you see yourself and how you acknowledge and celebrate the person that you are. I found the following quote on Facebook and I think that it says so much about each of YOU (I would love to give credit to the author, however it wasn’t with the quote…if you know, please share)

You may not think the world needs you,
But it does….
For you are unique
Like no one that has ever been before
Or will come after
No one can speak with your voice
Say your peace
Smile your Smile
Or shine your light
No one can take your place
For it is yours alone to fill
If you are not there to shine your light
Who knows how many strangers
Will lose their way
As they try to pass by your empty space
In the darkness

And while birthdays are a wonderful way to celebrate the day you came to this world I think celebrating YOU each and every day is more empowering.

Ways to celebrate YOU … how do you do it? or how would you like to do it? Come over to my Facebook page and join the discussion or post your ideas here!