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I chose my profession because people, their health and well-being, matter to me. I have been so fortunate to have found and to be able to work in a field where I can impact that directly. Each and every person that I see is of great importance to me, and the fact that I am trusted with your well-being is an honour that I take very seriously.

My association has reached out to URGE RMTs to do our part in preventing further spread of Covid-19 by shutting down operation. From my personal perspective, my ethics as a (non-essential) healthcare practitioner requires me to put your health and safety first, always. It is impossible to offer safe distancing with most of the therapies that I offer.

On Tuesday evening I had to make a difficult decision to temporarily suspend providing massage and most holistic services. The situation with Covid19 is fluid and changing and I will be reassessing regularly. I really look forward to when I can book clients again. I’m sure we will all need some mind and body stress relief.

In the meantime, scroll down for what is still available and how I will be reaching out and staying connected with you until I can see you in person again.

Stay healthy, safe, and don’t forget to practice self care!
Warmest Regards, Teresa
Long Distance Reiki Sessions with Reiki Master, Teresa Graham
Long Distance Reiki Sessions

​One of the key benefits to the beautiful healing energies of Reiki is the opportunity of receiving a session long distance.

Reiki helps with easing stress on the mind and body, encouraging relaxation and a state of vital well-being.

Contact me for more information or to bookPayment through etransfer only at this time.


Gift Certificates are available for purchase for all of my services for an appointment once I re-open. The perfect way to treat yourself and someone special.

During this time Gift Certificates are sent by email and payment through etransfer only at this time.

Stay Connected

While closed I will be upping my blogs, facebook posts and other social media with ways to care for you until you can book in again. Beginning over the weekend you will find some videos for self massage


 and other holistic treatments, self-care techniques and ideas, favourite recipes, creating and crafting, guided meditations for relaxation and stress release (always good for mind and body),  and other ideas for keeping you well.

Your input would be appreciated. What would you like to learn about or watch while you’re social distancing or to help deal with working through this pandemic? What ideas do you have to share?


When We’re Back

To reassure you for when I re-open. I always take sanitizing seriously, between each client, and that will not change.
All linens are changed between clients, individual oil containers are used and hard surfaces are wiped down with disinfectant. I will however be mindful and implement any other suggestions that are put forward by Alberta Health or Health Canada to ensure your good health and safety.

The Art of Reiki ~ in Abbotsford

This Saturday will be filled with the ancient art of Reiki at Handtohealth! Gentle, non-invasive, healing, relaxing, harmonizing…join me!

There are 3 Reiki happenings:

789  1) A Reiki Level 1 Class – the first step in learning to share this ancient healing art with yourself and another. You’ll find all the information by clicking here
A certificate class that will run throughout the day. $200 (plus gst)

2) Reiki Reattunement – some find it helpful to experience the final attunement of Reiki 1 a second time. They have said that it reaffirms, for them, their connection to this universal gift. This will be offered from 12:30 to 5:30. You will have the opportunity to revisit the steps to a session both for yourself and to share with others, exchange a session with another student or practitioner and finally experience a reattunement. Cost $100 (plus gst)

 3) The Reiki Exchange will take place from 2 to 4 and is an opportunity to both give and receive a Reiki session with another. Cost $8

Saturday, September 27th

For all happenings linen will be provided as will herbal tea, organic coffee and home-baked organic treats.

Pre-registration is require and you can contact me at to do that.

I look forward to sharing Reiki with YOU!


More information can be found at these links
What is Reiki?

About Reiki Classes with Teresa

Rejuvenating Reiki in July

Hands of light

The month of July is all about Reiki with Healthy session specials, classes and an upcoming crystal grid workshop!

What is Reiki? (click to read more)



The bursting of summer light always increases my mindfulness of Reiki and it’s beautiful, warm energies…something we can all attune to.

July’s Health Session Special

The Reiki Series

An ancient Japanese healing art, Reiki has a profound effect on balancing your inner and outer energies, healing Mind, Body & Spirit.

The best way to effect a change in our physical and emotional well-being through Reiki is to have 3 to 4 sessions close together, optimally over 3 to 4 days. While the optimal doesn’t fit into everybody’s busy schedule the following Reiki specials are designed to work for YOU!

Special #1 ~ The single Reiki session for the month of July enjoy your session for only $60 (plus gst)

Special #2 ~ Clear out the old and set up and reaffirm the new with The Threesome: 3 Reiki sessions for $155 (plus gst)

Special #3 ~ Because they go so well together and clients love this…The Reiki Massage: Combining Relaxation Massage and Reiki energy for 1 1/2 hours of harmonious bliss. $95 (plus gst)

Your session(s) must be booked and received between July 1st and August 15, 2013. Gift Certificates may not be used towards or purchased for monthly sessions.

Reiki Classes

Reiki Level 1 ~ Saturday, July 27th (more information click here)

Reiki Level 2 ~ Saturday, August 24th (more information click here)
More about Level 2 Reiki ~ The Journey Continues

Reiki Level 3 ~ Saturday, August 31st (more information click here)

Reiki Exchange

Saturdays August 10th & September 7th, 12:30 to 2:30 pm

For Reiki students and practitioners to exchange and practice sessions with each other. If you have completed at least your Reiki Level 1 you are welcome to come and share an afternoon of exchange. An opportunity to give and receive sessions, ask questions and enjoy the quiet energy. Space is limited, please pre-register.

Cost $7.00/ session (includes refreshments and linens). Please let me know when you pre-register if you have a portable table that you are able to share.

NEW Crystal Grid Workshop happening Saturday, September 7th ~ watch upcoming posts for more information!


fbpersprof1A Reiki Master since 1996, I follow the traditional Usui method of Reiki in both the sessions shared with clients and classes shared with students.  The practice of Reiki has become a daily way of living gently and lovingly upon the earth and is just a natural part of sharing love with my family (including pets), friends, clients and the world around me. One benefit I find to Reiki is the ability (after taking the 2nd degree) to send Reiki to others. On the rare occasions that I do watch the news and witness some of the tragedies that are reported locally and around the world I am able to send Reiki out to hopefully help and heal those that are injured from earthquake, war, tsunami, etc. and I am honoured, that in some small way, I can share the gift that is Reiki. The comment often made is “you seem so calm” and Reiki would be the reason for that sense of peace within.

Read more about Reiki ~ The Universal Gift

H2H WonderWhyse Tips#2 ~ Why wait?

When is the optimal time to go for a massage or a Reiki session? and How often should you go?

Really common questions from clients…and also easy to answer…You go as soon as your body or mind has brought the idea to your awareness!

Rather than hoping that the emotional and physical pain will go away if you just ignore it, or waiting to see if it will get better on its own why not consider this line of thought; “hey, I don’t want this issue of pain or uneasiness, it doesn’t feel comfortable, it is restricting my day to day living…how can I ease my body and my mind?”

When you have injured or over-worked a muscle or a group of muscles, they need some help to relax and heal. Often, in pushing your muscles to get you back to what needs doing, you are causing further injury, and that is only going to restrict you further. That’s a pretty good reason not to wait to have it treated. If anything is restricting your day to day enjoyment of life, restricting activities that you like to do…it’s time to take care of it!

English: A hungry baby yelling and crying.After one of those just incredibly tough weeks at work, where you’ve had a rush of deadlines to meet, and you feel overwhelmed with that never-ending to do list, you can feel pretty hunched over with stress. The ears are a little closer to the shoulders, the mind won’t let you sleep as what needs doing swirls around and around in your head at night, the stress may be upsetting your stomach or at some points it can feel so overwhelming that you want to cry.I’m always curious, when clients talk about this, that they often say they were just waiting for things to calm down and get better before coming for their session. Wouldn’t it be a good idea to come in before you get to that overwhelmed breaking point and stop the stress in its tracks? If you’ve experienced a Reiki session then you know that it makes you slow down, breath deeply and upon ending, your mind comes back to the “to do” list from a completely new and refreshed perspective.

I always recommend taking care of things at the start of the problem rather than waiting. Too often emotional, mental and physical stress are ignored, put on the back burner and forgotten about until the body and mind are screaming at you so loudly that they just will not let you ignore them any further. If you take a moment to breathe and check in with your body…I’m sure it’s talking to you “clearly”!

Another questions often asked is “How often should I come for sessions?”

My goal as a natural health practitioner is to encourage and facilitate your body’s innate abilities to switch back on and keep you in a healthy state. My eventual goal is that you won’t need to come back and see me.
Sometimes that takes a few session (how long have you had the problem?) as most modalities go with the rhythm of the body and the mind and it’s healing process, which is not necessarily on our time schedule.
 After that maintenance is always a good idea. By maintenance I don’t mean allowing your body to go back to the previously injured and stressed out condition before coming back….I mean to book ahead a self-care maintenance schedule that works for you….and if you listen, your and your mind will tell you what that should be.

Are you listening?
Do you put your physical & emotional aches and pains on a waiting list?