Phase 1 in the Journey – Emotions (A Journey Into A Holistic Approach to Disc0vering Balance During Covid19 – 4)

I think that one of the downsides to people feeling safe to share their journey towards holistic balance is Toxic Positivity. Ourselves or others can often feel uncomfortable with emotion, and so will downplay it in others, or we stuff it down in ourselves. Neither are healthy and that is not what this journey will be about. It’s time to get honest with how you’re feeling.


There really are no right or wrong feelings about all of the drastic changes to our lives due to the Covid19 pandemic. They are all normal, correct and understandable. Which ones do you identify with?
  • Shock
  • Grief
  • Despair
  • Depression
  • Calm
  • Peace
  • Uncertainty
  • Curiousity
  • Anger
  • Anxiety
  • Frustration
  • Overwhelm
  • Fear
  • Surprise
  • Stress
  • Denial
  • Other



As you recognize each of the emotions that you have, do you identify where in your body you’re also feeling them physcially? Where they are expressing in your Spirit? A first step in creating holistic balance is first acknowledging and accepting your feelings about change, without feeling the need to justify or judge or suppress.

It can be simple frustrations such as not being able to find paper towels, toilet paper or flour in the stores, surprise that your kids can no longer play in parks, depression in not having any social interactions at work or with friends, fear and uncertainty with more questions than answers…

Allowing your feelings is healthy. Emotions are energy and in order to eventually be released, energy has to be allowed to move. Same thing with emotions, and yes, it can be super uncomfortable to allow our own emotions and to witness those of others.
The next step is to acknowledge that how you’re feeling mentally/emotionally is impacting you on all levels of mind, body and spirit. Checking in on how it feels physically often requires some action to get out of your head and into your body. Meditation, contemplation and physical activity are really helpful.
The final step in this phase is to cut yourself some slack. Allow the feelings, all of them and how they fluctuate. During this phase radical self-care is called for as we work towards managing our emotions constructively and turn towards allowing holistic balance.

Radical Self-Care during Phase 1 of Your Holistic Journey

Some of the following suggestions may seem like band-aid solutions to the emotions you’re feeling about the changes you’re experiencing due to Covid19. They are band-aid solutions for now. During this first phase in creating holistic balance your creating space for emotions and looking after yourself through that phase. (You’re also teaching your loved ones that it’s ok to have the emotions and to explore self-care techniques that work for them)


Ways to Safely Express Emotion

Don’t suppress them or tamp them down! Allow the energy of the emotions to move through you and if they get too much go ahead and scream in the car, cry, stamp your feet. Journaling through writing or art, breath work, laughter and physical movement are all great ways to safely express emotions.

My favourite way is to put on the music and dance with abandon. As I move the emotional energy moves as well. I encourage you to explore and discover new ways that feel good to you.

Nurturing Yourself Through the Tough Days

This can be a really interesting way to find out just what radical self-care looks like for you as you explore different methods.

  • Eating healthy foods,
  • Carrying crystals,
  • Aromatherapy,
  • Getting Physical with activity you love
  • Switching from listening to the Blues,
  • Watching comedies instead of dramas,
  • Turning off the news every day
  • Chat with friends and family through video or phone

… wrap yourself in comfort and care (yes, you are also teaching your children to care for themselves through example)


Explore Aromatherapy


Carry crystals


Dance with abandon


Spending time with friends and family on line until you can gather together again


Journaling through written word, drawing, painting…


Exploring activities that bring joy
It’s ok to sit in this phase of discovering Holistic Balance for a period of time as you explore what works for you. But we’re not going to wallow or set up camp in this phase for too long. That being said, there is no timeline. As I said in a previous post, you will work through this journey as it works for you and there is no right or wrong way. Get comfortable with self-care and emotional expression as best you can. Perhaps the weekly calendar guide below can help with that.


Something Extra for Mother’s Day Weekend!

We’ve had several requests for duo massages. That is two tables, two practitioners, two massages happening at the same time for couples, mother/daughter, good friends…. So we have added that to our Mother’s Day weekend for Saturday, May 7th.
Cindy Alison of Blu Stone Massage will be joining me at Hand to Health to offer duo massages for those that would like them! We can offer screening between tables or leave the space open…you choose.

What are the benefits of duo massage?

We rarely have the time and energy to fully connect with those we love and care about. Imagine a space filled with serenity and peace, where mind, body and soul are able to relax and restore. Now imagine sharing that energetic space with someone special. You can catch up and visit or just lie quietly and enjoy the energy together. It’s a fabulous setting for all!

Contact me to book your session for Saturday, May 7, 2016! Cindy is only here for the one day and we have limited spaces available so be sure to contact me soon!

Abbotsford Mothers Day Special Gifts

Self Care & Stretch…do you?

Hand To Health AbbotsfordI probably ask about your self care time at pretty much every holistic session. While your sessions with me count as self care it really is a practice that needs to be followed daily.
Making it a habit isn’t really that difficult….here are some easy tips to bring self care into your daily regime AND they take 15 minutes or less!

  1. Snuggle with your pet, child, a warm blanket
  2. Go for a walk outside
  3. Close your eyes, for just a few minutes, and take some slow deep breaths
  4. Turn on some favourite music and…dance to it, sit down and just listen, fill a bathtub with water and bubbles and slip in, cook a favourite meal, bake, sing along, etc.
  5. Meet with a positive and supportive friend for coffee
  6. Eat your breakfast in bed
  7. Sleep in
  8. Stretch or do some yoga
  9. Light a candle, incense or place your favourite essential oil in a burner, pull out a good book and enjoy
  10. Take a nap
  11. Give yourself a hug
  12. Book a holistic health session for yourself – massage, reiki, reflexology…
  13. Make your favourite snack and watch a movie
  14. Give yourself a home spa session
  15. Book some time to spend on your favourite hobby
  16. Colour, journal, draw or paint
  17. Eat a meal, mindfully
  18. Hug a tree or ground/earth yourself11

…just a few things to get you started! What ideas do you have for self care?

And next blog…the other thing I nag clients about “Do you stretch?”

Healing Anxiety Holistically (Part 3) -The Therapies

In the third and final segment of Healing Anxiety Holistically I will share information about the Holistic Therapies I offer and how they specifically help clients to ease anxiety.

My main focus in offering holistic therapies is to not only address body, mind and spirit (the whole person), but to also encourage the body to kick in with its own natural and innate healing abilities. When feeling physically and emotionally overwhelmed that task can seem insurmountable.Teresa Graham, Holistic Health Practitioner

However with a focus on bringing body and mind to a relaxed state, holistic therapies encourage the body to shift into its optimal healing state. When we breath deeply, we heal. When we relax, we heal. When we take steps to stop the mind chatter and focus turns to our body, we heal.

Sessions I offer and how they address the symptoms of Anxiety.

Teresa Graham, Holistic Health PractitionerSPINAL TOUCH encourages the body to relax into its correct posture. When properly aligned (like our cars wheel alignment) the spine and body are able to better cope  with the day to day stresses placed upon them. We move more freely and without pain, our digestion improves, pressure is taken off of our lungs and respiration moves oxygen through our body with renewed vigour.


Teresa Graham, Holistic Health PractitionerWith REIKI clients will often feel such a deep sense of peace that they fall asleep or slip into a deep meditative state. In that perfectly relaxed state the body and mind can easily draw energy into those areas where it is most needed. As within, so without … drawing upon the healing energy around us (that which makes the plants grow) helps to bring balance within. This balance of energy results in a sense of harmony in our daily actions. Stress and tension move aside to be replaced with a deep sense of peace.


Teresa Graham, Holistic Health PractitionerTo begin your REFLEXOLOGY session you sit in a reclined and comfortable position. The brain recognizes the signs of relaxation and begins to encourage the body to wind down. As nerve endings are stimulated in feet and/or hands it triggers the release of tension throughout all parts, glands and organs of the body. Respiration and circulation throughout the body improves.


Teresa Graham, Holistic Health Practitioner

CRANIOSACRAL THERAPY is another deeply relaxing holistic practise. Unwinding the Fascia (a thin sheath of fibrous tissue that wraps around and encloses a muscle, organ, joint and the entire body) that wraps us up tighter than it should be, often occurring when we’re anxious, stressed or injured. Craniosacral also encourages the unimpeded flow of Cerebral Spinal Fluid (colourless liquid that bathes the brain and spinal cord). As the CSF flows it nourishes the brain and the nerves,  impacting the entire body.


Teresa Graham, Holistic Health PractitionerMASSAGE loosens tight restrictions in muscles and ligaments while helping to ease the pain caused. Often there is an area of the body that we hold our stress and tension; the neck and shoulders tighten, the jaw clenches, the legs are restless… Knots, kinks and spasms are eased with massage and the body begins to feel stretched, longer and very much more relaxed. As muscles open up and release tension there is often an equal release of emotional stress that has been trapped in the tightness.


Abbotsford Belly DanceDANCE is a total “in the body” experience. During classes I encourage students to breath deeply and dance their body. I’ll share some moves, but you’ll experience them as only your body can. Your age, fitness level or ability to dance don’t matter at all. What you’ll find is your mind becomes so focused on what your body is doing, that anxiety and upsetting thoughts drift away (even if just for a short time). At the same time the physical activity is encouraging your body to release the “feel good” chemicals and endorphins into the bloodstream.


In its relaxed state the body turns the tables on anxiety. A different group of chemicals and hormones are released … the ones that make us feel good. In that state both mind and body are empowered. The more often we can reach this state the more we begin to see long term benefits. Anxiety may still be present, but it is often to a lesser degree. and we are able to reclaim a calmer state with a little more ease.

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