Returning to Sessions after Covid19 ~ Here Is Some of What You Need to Know

For Calgary clients


Massage Therapy & Holistic Sessions are scheduled to be a part of Phase 2 in re-opening businesses in Alberta. Two dates have been given as possibilities June 19th and June 12th. As Calgary’s numbers are higher there may be a delay.

Regardless of when, please be assured that I will be following guidelines issued by my association and AHS (when they become available. So far they include a few changes and you can find more information here. 

Requirements and guidelines are fluid, as is the re-opening date. The best places to keep up to date with my schedule information and booking appointments are; my Facebook page, or on Instagram.

I am really looking forward to seeing you soon!



For Fraser Valley clients


Good News!

BC has already allowed Personal Service businesses to re-open and I will be offering holistic sessions on June 12th, 13th and 14th.

Please read the information at this link and then contact me ( to book your sessions.

Sorry, I am not accepting new clients in the Fraser Valley at this time.

The Mind Body Spirit Connection & Dealing with Change (Journey Into A Holistic Approach to Discovering Balance During Covid19 – 3)

Holistic Approach to Change

The basis of a holistic approach to health, to life and to change, is acknowledging  the mind, body and the spirit connection, and nurturing that connection.

What affects the mind has an influence on the body and visa versa. Anything affecting either or both, mind and body, impacts upon our spirit.

Let’s take stress as an example. When we’re feeling stressed about a situation we can feel it in our body. Some feel is as stomach upset, some as shoulder pain from tightened muscles, others experience headaches. Often, and at the same time, stress can cause a loss of hope, thus affecting the spirit.
Unexpected change is often uncomfortable and can create stress. Despite change being an ongoing occurrence in life it is one we can’t seem to embrace. The drastic changes that COVID19 has brought to our lives is hard to navigate and it is no wonder that many balk at embracing it. But, what are our choices?
Holistic Approach to emotions

I am hearing a whole range of emotions from clients, family and friends as the life changes imposed by COVID19 unroll. Anger, fear, depression, anxiety, frustration, sorrow, shock,, grief… are just a few.

​Many feel changes “forced” upon them are impossible to steer through. There are many of us that have had to slow down or stop work due to social distancing or loss of business, parents are being asked to work at home while also home-schooling their children and at the same time keep them indoors and away from playgrounds and friends, those deemed essential are busy and stressed as they are daily put at risk of infection, as humans we are social beings and we are not able to spend time with our friends, or family members that live elsewhere…  I cannot think of any emotions that would be inappropriate, but there are ways to navigate through them, grow from them and thrive, holistically.

The first step in taking a holistic approach to the changes of COVID 19 is to acknowledge every single emotion experienced as valid, there is no right or wrong way to feel. Secondly, is to understand that those emotions are having an impact on your physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.

Take some time over the next few days to allow your feelings, write them down or express them through art. If you meditate, try to check into where you’re feeling those emotions in your body and what they feel like. Don’t try to tamp them down as emotions are energy and energy needs to move to be released.
Upcoming posts, as we travel this journey together will address ways to not only deal with the mental, physical and spiritual impact of COVID19, but ways to grow holistically. Tips that will assist you in addressing change throughout life, often making it something easier to embrace.
You may want to work through the steps as they are presented or may find yourself jumping back and forth. There is no right or wrong way to work through these steps, your way must work for you in realizing the benefits of a holistic approach.

Massage Therapy for Younger People

Youth sports Massage TherapyThe majority of my clients understand Massage Therapy to be a necessary  part of their health and wellness plans. Thankfully, those that use to view Massage as just a luxury are learning how helpful it can be. What I’ve been thrilled to witness in the past couple of years are the number of parents booking their teens and pre-teens in for Massage sessions with me.

My own son was 10 when I started studying Massage Therapy and as a growing teen, student and hockey player, he received regular Massage sessions to keep his muscles flexible and fit. Growing pains and muscle spasms were resolved naturally. He was also introduced to a healthy way to relax and rejuvenate during exam time, hockey tournaments and the other stressors of growing.

Massage Therapy for Students with Teresa Graham, RMT CalgarySports, technology and studying place the same stress on kid’s muscles as they do on adults. Posture suffers from bending over textbooks and computers in the same way it does when sitting at a desk job throughout the day. Neck, shoulder and upper back muscles become tight and tense, which can lead to pain and headaches, regardless of age.

Many clients say they feel taller and stand straighter after their Massage. The head pulled forward and chin tucked over a phone, turns into shoulders and head back and in alignment, with the loosening of muscles. It creates better awareness of just how good proper posture can feel.

With the stress of school grades, bullying, peer pressure, sports tournaments… kids need to learn ways to relax and de-stress that are natural and healthy. What they learn through their teens as coping mechanisms will carry them through the adult years in the work force. It sets them up to succeed.

While they may squirm at first because they are not familiar with the touch of Massage, young people soon become relaxed, calm and often fall asleep during their sessions. While easing muscle tension, massage also balances the hormones that are often raging during these years, boosts the immune system naturally, and encourages positive body awareness.


For the first session I often encourage parents to book young people in for 30 minutes rather than a longer session. It allows them to become familiar with how Massage Therapy feels, provides them a safe space to give feedback as to where they are sore or how much pressure they prefer with Massage. An adult is also always welcome to stay in the Massage room if that is what is more comfortable for a young person. Providing a space that feels safe is essential.

Massage Therapy & Holistic Sessions in Varsity in Calgary

The signage has gone up in the window and the space is all set up for you!
Clients are really enjoying this comfortable and welcoming space. Come by and see us!